The "What's it Worth" Thread Redux

bikes have gotten insanely expensive lately. We often forget that the retail market and tarck are completely disconnected. Personally I haven’t looked at buying myself a road bike from a store since like… college probably. I got online to help a friend find a bike and was like oh shit. Best of luck. At the beginning of covid I was able to find some nice 105 equipped bikes for $700 but now they are 1200+ for 105 with a nice aluminum frame. So I would say a carbon anything in good condition would fetch more than $400 if you wait a little bit.


Shifter cables coming out the sides look real dated tho. Fred central.

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~6 mos ago I bought a similarly equipped synapse for 600 I think. Was the best deal I found.

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Liv Pique 2 - 2019 Med


Bikeyoke Devine dropper set at 150mm
XT 11 speed shifter
SLX 11 speed RD
11-46 Sunrace Cassette
Race Face Aeffect cranks w/ 28 1X ring
SQLab 12d bars

Pro’s Closet had a stock one for $1400, think I could get $1750?

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‘14 or 15 trek silque slx ultegra, carbon bars, meh wheels

sup is getting one of those gen e rei bikes and has opted to try to retroactively fund it with the sale of her old road bike

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$1200-1550? That’s a balluer bike but many folks are after bigger tires and dick brakes I think, but the market really is all over the place. I put a set of rim brake wheels up and got my full asking price just from waiting/being lazy.

I sold a carbon rim brake frameset on eBay recently for $700.

There are a few Silques listed on eBay for $2200. I bet you could list it with a starting price of $1200 and see where it went from there. It’s getting more into crawz season, so there might be less interest.

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Id much rather have a 20” e cargo bike than a boring carbon road bicycle. Jane Doe sound like a smart lady to me.

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she used to do a modicum of racing and a lot of road riding. she prefers her franken-cx bike that is a size too small but has a steerer extender cuz she’s a t rex and her legs are v v long for a 5’9” person