The "what's it worth?" thread.

Since nobody ever responds to the “Worth It?” thread here’s the What’s it worth thread!

I’m trying to unload the Faggin and I want a vintage Italian frame with modern shifty bits to replace it.
This Gios is super hot and would fit me perfect. How high should I be willing to go?

Also, I’m thinking about doing BIN on this campy group. Should I pull the trigger?

i cherry picked my 06-08 veloce group, everything new, for about 20 bucks less than the b.i.n., not including cables… but i got a steal on the shifters, i think i paid 100 for 08’s. all of the 06 stuff is pretty cheap.

This is your fault, you know.
That Landshark of yours got me all lusty for a neo/retro road bike.
I think I’m gonna do it.

Fuck you people and your new groups. The bottom bracket on my bike is fucked and my brain thinks this is a good excuse to go from 9 speed ultegra to 10 speed ultegra sl (or sram, or DA 7800…)

I think that^ is a fine idea.

I just bought the Campy group btw.

So now that I have a campy group coming, I need a campy compatible wheel.
I’ve never heard of this brand of hub. What’s up with this thing?

I have never heard of that one either. Ceramic could mean the bearings, or it could be a cheap hub trying to sound high end.

i think the campy group was a good buy.
that gios will probably go for a lot. wouldn’t you fit better on something with a seat tube 55-56 ctc?

But the Gios makes me CUM!

Fuckin’ A!
If I was made of money that thing would be mine.
It’s pretty much my dream bike.

[quote=Rusty Piton]But the Gios makes me CUM!

Fuckin’ A!
If I was made of money that thing would be mine.
It’s pretty much my dream bike.

I am so glad that doesn’t fit me because otherwise I’d be all over it and I can’t afford that

It’d fit me perfect :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Should I buy these wheels?

eh, they are probably heavy in the rims, you’d be better off with something laced to OP’s in a semi classic format. (radial front, 2x and radial mismatched rear)

Unless you’re a skinny fucker, I’d skip the low spoke-count wheels for anything but racing.

180 here.
Not so skinny no.

I want Big Apples.
they’re around $32 cheapest on the internet for the wire bead ones (20-55 psi/895g).
I found the Schwalbe Super Motos (similar tread, 30-55 psi/ 690g) FOLDING bead for $45.

I don’t even fuck with wire bead tires on my road bike anymore.

Tell me I should spend a little more for the baller-ass lighter folding tires for a goofy kid hauling bike that I’ll probably end up riding most. worth it?

(ps- eventually I’m gettin those Cinelli Valencias for this bike)

Well shit.

I have always liked the big BMX look of the older ones. Don’t they have weird rear spacing though?

Please someone talk me out of it.

My azonic steelhead:

azonic outlaw wheelset, azonic strip bar, DMR dirt jumper 2 fork, race face diablous stem, primo sprocket, avid bb5 brake, eastern cranks, animal pedals, soma saddle, fsa pig headset, kenda k-rad tires

Rusty, that era Gios certainly has awesome workmanship, in addition to being super nice to look at, but like most italian bikes from that, isn’t an excellent value for a bike that’s going to be ridden. People will pay a lot for SL bikes cause that’s what De Vlaemink et al. rode. If I were you I’d try and find something from the late 80’s or 90’s with SLX tubing or better, which might even be cheaper. Or if plain ol’ SL-level butted cromo does the trick for you, you can prolly get a 90’s khs or sumptin for about a hundred bucks.

But I want an Italian bike.
Just because I do.

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