The yearly Interbike/CrossVegas thread

Anyone headed out here to partake in the dying convention?

get pubes a press pass!

Yup. Booked way too many meetings last year so I’m going to be far more selective this year. Will probably do most of my coverage via Instagram, but have also considered doing a piece on the weirdest shit I find.

Let’s hang?

Let’s hang?[/quote]

Definitely. I’ll be in touch.

I can’t wait to see what dumb offensive shit goes down this year. Is this the year the bike industry stops being a dude fest of misogyny?

Probably not.

Last year was better, but that’s like saying the comments on pinkbike are less horrible. A couple of Italian companies had women in their booths that made me downright uncomfortable.

i think i have one lined up.

dba, VeryTukt Productions?

italians gonna italian as long as groups of women flock to cipo.

at my interbike booth, i promise to only sexualize myself.

Not defending Cipo but at least Cipolini sponsors a women’s team…

Note to self: do not accept socks from pubes.

This will be my first year missing it after 7 in a row. Feels good man.

Show moving to Reno for 2018.

RIP Interbike

Oh yeah, that’ll tone down the shit-head-edness of interbike. Surely this will be a ‘reset’.

Reno definitely has a reputation as the classiest city in Nevada. I’m surprised they even found a venue among all the fancy restaurants and high end casinos.
(I’ve spent several days in Reno)

i have spent the equivalent of weeks in reno, just 3 days a year over the last decade or so. i think reno is not bad. the reason i think this is because it’s 45 minutes to the mountains.