those 180/360 skids

A 180 skid isn’t useless, it can be used when one wishes to do a 180 skid. :colbert:

Also, you’re a jerk.[/quote]


Sorry, it’s true. . . you are indeed a jerk. I tried to be nice to you after seeing your sad picture, but you’re too abrasive to bother with.

most of you guys jumped on mosher when he came in here trying to tell you about his tricktrack forum just like oh no did earlier. What is the difference here?

The idea sounded lame.

Oh No is on a downer with the scene & the OP is asking something I want to know as well.

Thanks for all the tips guys…

Oh No is on a downer with the scene [/quote]

what does this even mean

the guy commenting in the video sounds like a douche.

[quote=“Oh No”][quote=“tribal”]
Oh No is on a downer with the scene [/quote]

what does this even mean[/quote]


People other than mosher started asking questions, which means if you want to be a dick to people in trick threads, you’re not shitting on an outsider, you’re basically just shitting on your fellow tarckbike members. GJ.

and? we aren’t a brotherhood or anything.

also george jefferson has nothing to do with this

Then why stop at making fun of people for doing tricks on their bikes? You can make fun of EVERYONE on this forum for riding a track bike on the street. Or for breathing. In fact, troll every thread! turn this place to shit and call it bikeforums you immature little shit! It’s not like we care about sharing ideas or anything.

EDIT: I don’t want you to think I’m calling you an immature little shit because you’re a teenager. That would be wrong. I’m calling you one because you’re an immature little shit. Thank you.

calm down dude its just the internet

tarck is about being friends!

stop being a faggot?

edit: I love tarckbike.

Cut it out oh no. this is really not very :bear: of you

This thread is relevant to my interests, thanks to the people who replied.

you have to be THAT guy?

haha bold you kick ass

it’s like a big hate monster just pooped all over this thread.

too bad too because i really want to learn as well. the legover 180 is my top priority.

i’ll never get there though.


Worth learning. Very useful in a paceline.