Tire collections

Skidded-through randos, marred marathons, gatorskins with sidewalls that found god, eversquares. Exed cx, slashed stelvios, boobie tubies. Post your tire collection here. And don’t omit the steel rim-rusted rubinos and stradius sports; the jorts of shorts.

You should get the party started and post yours first.

White Folks used to have a legendary collection.

discard 'em?

i throw em out after theyre skidded thru

are cartoons dubbed in australian over there?

Wait till I get home.
There’s actually an old frame and a rim with the hub cut out and the spokes dangling in my heap.

down the bottom it would be close captioned NB: tire means tyre

I’ve got a small pile of road and cx tubulars mixed with some MTB tires down in the lair.

Out of batteries so no pics to prove it :colbert:

great thread

whats a tyre

are cartoons dubbed in australian over there?[/quote]
L’ironie, mon ami.

i cant wait for the first person to post pics so i can lose all e-respect for them.

are cartoons dubbed in australian over there?[/quote]
L’ironie, mon ami.[/quote]

most english language media gets dubbed in both french and quebecois

What kind of jackass bike packrat keeps their useless old tires? The very concept of holding on to worn out tires is blowing my mind.

OH SHIT Fezdango’s going to be making mental notes!

i just have a couple random road tires around that are still usuable if need be but thats it

ive never skidded through a tire. my stock motomess tyres are on my new (old) centurion

good thing you bought a bike that fits big tires.