Totally absurd bike plans that you've thought about doing but will never do: FOREVER edition

Build a 27.5+ front wheel for my new Fargo to make it shralpier out in the woods.

SRAM soggy brakes for the Fargo even though I’m totally content with the mechanicals that are currently on there.

Disc tabs and a new wheelset on my sweet old lugged Trek rando what-have-you that I never ride.

Better wheelset with better tires for the Burley.

Sell the Fargo and build a Jones diamond frame / truss fork collabo with aforementioned 27.5+ / 29" wheelset.

Shave some thunder burts.

Brake post repositioning for 650b, and dynamo related accomodations added to the Miyata 1000 frame I have sitting around.

Ride more

Sell my Black Mountain to get a Hunter/Gatherer type bike

Dyno and 2x10 the Scott

Derper post the penis wrinkle pink SS MTB

Rebuild Klein

Hope someone here will sell me their Clydesdale fork to build the neon Marin into a kid/bowling ball hauling super truck

Make my wife let me buy a ditherer or cg

When you think about all those rim replacements those wet dicks practically pay for themselves!

Sell the red Davidson.

Get a 3rd new frame this year

get ladybiek to buybuild a ditherer, or even a mountain bike

get low-trail dick fork + rack made for my gitane and make it a 650b trackdonneur

clydesdale fork on friend’s tall bike

take mushrooms and ride the C+O on tandems

Take small dose of lsd and ride through on a 600

Braze a disc tab on a 1" fork

Get a custom rack

Sell frames that aren’t built

Ride my bike enough to count as “training”.

Do a 200.

Start commuting to work (home). Guarantees I get at least a little ride.

edit: wait, that’s a totally absurd bike plan I actually did do.

Put Shimano wet brakes on the Crux

Buy a sweet frame and move my 27.5+ stuff onto it

Get a dropper for the Stumpy

Only buy consumables from now until winter.
Ride more.