Tour of California

Excited? Should be pretty awesome. I’m going to be seeing Stages 2 and 3 in person and the rest on TV.


I’m lookin forward to that Canadian guy in the article down the way

i really want to go to that shit in Santa Rosa but i’ll be recording. sucks.

if i can find it on tv i’ll watch it. i saw part of the tour of missouri last year

It’s being broadcast on Versus, the same channel that shows le Tour.

ok cool, i wasnt sure if it was on a channel i didnt get

great i just sold my TV.

Prepare for lots of really fucking lame Jonathan Vaughters talking head crap. Every time I see that numb nuts I mute my TV.

This is going to be the best American race ever, sorry Coors Classic riders. When was the last time that every great cyclist in the world raced together? It’s been a long fucking time. Unfortunately, I don’t have cable, so I’ll have to seek out torrents and try to avoid cycling news in the meantime.

I’m bout 8 miles from Santa Rosa so I plan on catching it.

Also, depending on how cool they are, I might ask you to pick up a ToC cap for me.

last year there was live video on the official site that was pretty good… but I love just reading the text updated on cyclingnews… i can’t get versus on our cable :colbert:

I’m hoping I get some coverage here. I got nothing on the Tour Down Under and only one day of the Tour of Qatar. I get two South African sports stations which show some odd stuff.


I’m going to ride downtown to see the prologue, ride to Davis to see the start of stage 1 and I’ll be in Santa Cruz to see the stage 2 finish.

We JUST got rid of versus last week.

: /

I think versus has coverage on the internet that you can watch live. they did for the Tour de France in 2007 at least.

started prepping for my version today. Ordered new brake calipers, bar tape and brake cables for the nishiki, bought a front rack. Next is new wheelset and maybe barcons. pretty excited.

Be sure to look out for me guise I’ll be chasing the Peloton.

I guess I’m going to the finish. My gf’s dad got me a couple of tickets to the VIP tent to meet Lance or some shit. Ha.

Be sure to look out for me guise I’ll be chasing the Peloton.[/quote]