true confessions (but mostly stealth braggin')

I haven’t ridden a tarck bike in about 10 months.
The bike I have been riding for the last week has a flat bar, a triple, and a pie plate. I sorta like it.
Been riding this bike because I destroyed the valve on the front tube on my usual commuter with a shitty pump and am too lazy to fix it coz the bike is totally filthy.

i haven’t ridden a bike in a while with the traveling and then the moving. now i am too scared to ride cause i am in such bad shape.

I dont ride my bike as much as i should/pretend to

i do not own a bike

im a girl

I hardly ever/never ride my track bike, and haven’t since the season ended in August. My Cross-Check with panniers and BMX platforms is just such a great get-up-and-go bike that I see no reason to ride anything else.


what pedals are you using?

These. They were in the pull-off bin pile at my old shop, so I snagged them.

I didn’t ride for two whole weeks while I was road tripping down California way.
Longest I’ve gone without riding in at least five years.
Most driving I’ve ever done in my life.
Now I’m sick as hell and it’s all I can muster to just do my commute let alone do any ‘real’ riding.
I swear it was the inactivity of driving that got me sick.

I bought an “urban bike” the big buzz from REI, it has flat bars, disc brakes, is heavy, and I like it. I do wish it had drops, but I am too cheap to spend the money to make this happen. I ride it 95% of the time track bike remaining 5%. (DISCLAIMER: I have not study actual percentages) Percentages likely to change once I get a proper road bike.

troo confession:
I RARELY wash my pants.

Im in love with triplesixer

[quote=Der Blaue Reiter]troo confession:
I RARELY wash my pants.[/quote]
i really only have one pair of pants i wear and i wear them for about a month straight.

:colbert: The jean talk thread is that way ====>

i don’t have a tarck bike. riding is split 40% bmx, and 60% masi. currently not sure which bars i want to run so the road bike doesn’t have brakes run yet

my tarck bike has had flat for about 6 months.
rode one time. just swapped front wheels then put flat tired wheel back on after done…

I fuck on the first date…

'sup boi.

I haven’t ridden a tarck bike at all since last winter when mine got stolen. Also, the Allez has been hiding in the basement. I’ve not put more than 200 miles on it. Also, haven’t hit the trails much recently or really ridden my road bike very much. I’ve only ridden 4-5k miles this year.

knew it