Unspeakable bike projects

After buying and gutting a couple of 9150 brifters to make lhs brake levers for 1x machines, then a 7970 one so I could modify my Mavic Zap fly-by-wire setup to not need that stupid little switch wart, I got it into my head that I could put the switch warts I stripped from those 9150s into a set of 7970s.

It’s almost a drop-in; I need to lengthen the switch wiring for the shift switches, chop off the 3rd switch and wire in the old 7970 one, and take a dremel to the little bay that the wiring hub fits into so I can fit the slightly wider 9150 units.

And then to figure out if I can use an existing frame or if I have to put together a new one so I can test it out.


Oh shit, I should have sent you the 9150 sprint shifters I have too :man_facepalming:

Dithering cries for help thread.


Oh well! Want me to send you some money next month for them?

Nah I’ll dig them out and nudge them your way via usps sometime this week

Spurred on by the knowledge that the B-17 that I re-covered hung together on my last poop-barn, I decided to pull finger on the next saddle project. Buddy gave me a ti brooks that he had for some reason over-oiled to the point of extreme stretching. Not sure what he did but it’s a manky mess. My dad tells me that if I soak it in water it should displace the oil. Then I will slice the nose off and move it back a bit. Will see what happens…


This is truly DOG’s work.

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