Vassago Fisticuff

Ohh my fucking god.

If they came in my size I’d be calling them with stolen credit card information right now.

Yes those are disc tabs.
Yes those are removable canti bosses.
Yes it has fender and rack mounts.
Yes it clears 45s.
Yes it only comes in doo-doo brown.

Yes it has track ends.
Yes it has a derailleur hanger.
Yes it’s 132.5 spaced.

hot except the color

Oh Damn That’s Smoothe!

Please thanks.

Nice 29ers too. Maybe they should make a 26er too.

Holy shit I want that. It’s not distributed by Quality by any chance is it?

This is everything I’ve been looking for in a frame for quite a while. $579 seems steep, but I just might have to save up for it.

You can buy the head badge while you save up. Just $75!

No way QBP distributes these, but call 'em up. You might be able to get an EPP price anyway.

hahah jabberwocky

been listening to fear before lately?

[quote=“Petr5”]You can buy the head badge while you save up. Just $75!

No way QBP distributes these, but call 'em up. You might be able to get an EPP price anyway.[/quote]

Definitely worth a shot. In general, does the store you work for have to have a distributor relationship for you to EPP something?

That’s not how my shop made it sound, but I never bought anything.

Edit: #protestwordfilters

I EPd a repair stand from some company I read about online just by calling them up and explaining I worked for a shop. Telling them that ‘we’ wanted to check out the product I got to see if we’d be interested in stocking it (not quite true) certainly didn’t hurt.

I dont really get the track drop outs. With fenders and/or discs the track ends are kinda pointless.


If it had an EBB it would be perfect. But yeah this and the Salsa A La Carte make me wish I didn’t buy a Karate Monkey.

fucking hot

Yay, more basic steel… Can you even use the fender mounts if you also have a rear disc? Doesn’t look like it. +1 to the track ends comments, with discs they would be even more annoying.

Good idea but it would be a pretty good frame if the following:

  1. Use some better tubing like True Temper OX or something
    2a. Vertical dropouts if you are going to have discs and fenders
    2b. Couple the above with a EBB for adjustability if SS/fixed
  2. Locate the fender mounts away from the disc brake mount locations.
  3. Remove the fixed cable hanger over the rear brake and use the loose hanger on the seat clamp bolt ala Surly so it can be removed if not needed.
  4. Maybe a taller head tube… but that would necessitate a sloping TT so maybe not.

That said I rode a Jabberwocky and it was cool but I’d rather go with a Niner Sir9 with Reynolds 853 steel.

right on to 2a and 2b.

Track ends are such an unfortunate trend.