Velodrome in Downtown Chicago? or, Get me into Track Racing.

God damn. I hope this happens.


It would be so awesome but it’ll never happen.

[quote=Rusty Piton]It would be so awesome but it’ll never happen.
not in the loop it won’t.

  1. Get rid of the retarded bean.
  2. Build Velodrome.
  3. ???
  4. Profit.

it is happening…
near the former steel mill in south chicago, off the LFP.

Oh shit! Rad!

when will it be done? i’ll have to come up to chicago and watch some races.

it’ll beat having to leave work early on thursday to race up at northbrook once/if it gets finished

temporary track going up spring '11 (dont get the purpose…but thats what they’re doing)
real construction at the same time. 2 years, maybe?
olympic 2016 plans transfered over to a private group w/ private funding.
supposedly they’re talking about wind tunnel + bmx park and other shit.
massive facility.
that’s the current plan…but im sure the reality will be a bit more modest.

well, as if i wasn’t already 90% sure on this, chicago i’ll be that much more likely to live in you in 6-7 months time.

man al is going to be pissed.
moving all the way to portland only to have them build an indoor velodrome in chicago.

What does this mean for the Kenosha velodrome 40 minutes away? I knew I shoulda gotten down there for a race or two this year…

I’d be down for this. It’d get even more people interested in the sport of tarck cycling; there needs to be a new awareness of cycling, something other than Lance Armstrong. Certainly this would help?

[quote=Chris_Kulczycki69]it is happening…
near the former steel mill in south chicago, off the LFP.[/quote]

Cite plz

(Will be dubious even after I see a cite because everything south of Roosevelt is scarynegroville plus maybe Hyde Park and US Celluar to most potential tarck racers.)

contact them if you dont believe me. or go talk to marcus. shit is in the works…whether or not it’ll have all the crazy national track location amenities that they hope for is the only question.

and the neighborhood of south chicago is not that bad. it has its problems, but it’s mostly just a working class hispanic neighborhood.

I live on the South Side, I was more suggesting that to a lot of people it’s just one undifferentiated block of housing projects with a ballpark and a university in the middle of it. That is cool as hell if this is legit, though.

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