Vintage lugged track frame.

Been posting this around the place a bit, sorry if you’ve already seen it, but…

…can you help me to identify this frame?

There aren’t a lot of defining features about it, so may be a stretch, but thought I’d try anyway.

  • Reynolds 531 tubing (stamped very faintly under down tube).
  • The letter ‘E’ is stamped on the bottom bracket.
  • Drilled dropouts (front & rear).
  • Slotted bottom bracket.
  • Pinned and lugged.
  • This is located in Australia, so could be Australian but for all I know there’s as much chance it’s not.
  • Was ridden by Nick Hollingworth and Chris Michaelidis (Australian track cyclists from 80s).
  • Needs a paint job (which is part of the reason I’m trying to identify it now - I may try and track down some decals) and a wash."



no idea…but give it to me for a closer look and i’ll figure it out.

have you asked andy at fyxomatosis?

Yep, have indeed, no luck.

It looks so cool with the fucked up paint!
It’s got so much character it’d be a shame to make it all glossy and sterile like everything else.

There’s not much character to it - 6 months ago it was perfect but without a top coat, heavy riding through a Melbourne winter has seen the paint job become quite worse for wear. It needs a top coat or the chrome is going to weather. But it does look tough, I’ll give you that. :wink:

That bike is awesome, got no idea what it is. Please don’t fuck with that patina.
(lesson learned, I got some stickers to remove from a certain trispok)

The bike rules.

I’m in the don’t-paint camp. I saved my LeMond from a painting and I feel I did great service to mankind. Patina, character and original paint are too hard to come by.

Yeah, just clearcoat it as is and it’ll be badass!

Super Elliott was an Australian brand, which could explain the “E”, but most of the ones I’ve seen have different lugs and crazy paint detail.

I was thinking the the “E” might be a designation for English threads on that BB shell?

Yep, it is quite likely that that’s what the E relates to.

This definately ain’t a SE, my lugwork is simply no match for any of their frames.

the rear dropouts look like raleigh. the BB does a little also but i think alot of raleighs had that RC cut in them…i don’t think it’s a raleigh though.
the seatstay arangement is way different and the way the stays meet the rear dropouts is different too.
probably some australian builder that you will never know of.

I just wanted to look at that thing again.
It’s fucking badass cool as it is.
I really hope you don’t paint it.

no help here but that thing is sick!

Have you asked Jesse from the Speed Shop? He’s pretty good on that stuff.

Yep, asked Jesse too. He didn’t know.

god i love that bike.

can we get a driveside profile pic?

If it was mine, I’d just spray a few layers of clear over it and rock it just like that.

Thought it looked vaguely familiar, I reckon it’s a McBain, from Tasmania. Check out this one: ... otostream/

BTW, an acquaintance of mine had one, and it was such a sweet bike. I missed out on one on eBay last year that was just beautiful!!

EDIT (didn’t want to double-post)

Here’s one that is/was TC’s: