Weird Bike Stuff

Please give me ideas for a better thread title! I miss the Fistful of Seatpost ATMO thread which I would frequently post weird bike related stuff I stumbled upon.

I stumbled upon this Youtube page and initially watched it without headphones. Then I slid my headphones on to watch something else and discovered that Mark actually composed and sung a song describing how we must be vigilant with checking the security of bicycle racks in Bellingham, Washington


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This is amazing

The fistful title was good.

Can you explain it again? I think the joke was from before I joined Tarck so it was lost a little on some of the newer people

I always thought it had come from a rivendell thing where a β€œproperly fitting” bike should only have a hand’s width (or a fistful) of seatpost showing out of the frame, otherwise it’s too small.

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That’s what I always thought too. I think it started as the β€œother shit” thread for bikes

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I think the old thread title was a gift from rando

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It’s a reference to French fit. Which is the β€˜a fistful of post is all that should be showing.’ Thing. It’s common with the rando dorks who ride rivs. It’s also only true when your hoods are mounted halfway down your insanely droopy bars.

The original thread was about vintage rando bikes then got weird.

Ah, ok, so not really the intent of this thread. Thanks for the Tarckhistory!

it may have also been to directly make fun of :smilegrant:

this is a frenchy french fit bike he made for a tall boi

I assumed it to be a play on β€œFor A Fistful of Dollars” and the traditional French method of bicycle fitting.

Maybe β€œFor A Fistful of Seatpost”?

I mean, it was a Rando thread, so however it started, it got all kinds of weird.

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@Andrew_squirrel you can now rename this thread Fist Full of Seatpost ATMO if you want. I edited the old thread name so you can do it.

Tc:always wanted a French fit rando

TC: always wanted a fit french rando

i would pay to watch a movie (trilogy) produced by the tarck hivemind called: a fistful of seatpost, for a few seatposts moar and the the good, the bad and the turn sandwich (whic i actually have no idea what it means)


Turn sandwich became the phrased used for a shitty bike when someone’s phone autocorrected β€œturd sanwich” in the J/A thread many years ago. This was during a period where is was the fashion to latch onto misspellings and grammatical errors and allow those to become to phrases in common use.

See: doggity dog thread instead of dog eat dog

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loving that this is becoming the PSA thread

tarck history explained–cool. So much nomenclature I just got used to but did not know the history of.
Glossary? Like in the Dune novels??