Weird Build Dithering Thread Infinity: Part 2

dumb question: can I use an Eagle GX AXS shifter with a Rival AXS rear der (guessing so, but curious if anyone has seen this combo in person)

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How did this end up?


I have all of the housing and cables now so it’s a matter of hooking up the bb7s and running a derder cable. Steel bars have been swapped for titanium ones.

Orc rack fit with some bending and hoping. What’s the best way to attach a wald to a rack? Zip ties?

Gonna swap the cranks out and can’t decide between dura ace cranks with a 38t narrow wide or white industries Japan cranks with blue stridsland chainring.

If anyone has some weight weenie QR 100/135 mtb dead ender wheels I might be your guy.

Outdoor rated zip ties work. I like using a couple of hose clamps as well.


I use zip ties if the basket stays on the rack. But one bike I switch back and forth between a basket and rando bag. On that bike I use two Coghlan’s straps woven between the rack and basket. Holds about as well as zip ties but I don’t feel bad about throwing them away all the time.

26" and disc I presume?


Don’t has.

I was about to say that 26" is true deadender, but thinking a bit I’m wondering if there aren’t actually fewer 650b Q/R bikes out there.

I have some 650b dead Enders but definitely not weight weenie.

The Mulo arrived. In awe of the gentlemanliness of this lad. Has a chain holder and a pump peg.

If I keep it, I eventually want to shave off the cable guides and canti posts, which would fortuitously necessitate a respray.


whoah that’s pretty cool. did you get the fork with it?

giving me ideas for this never-been-built motobecane fantom cross uno frame I got lyin around the basement

This is one of the rare times where the dither stars aligned. I had that fork on my previous (sold) endpoint, held on to it imagining I’d probably sell it too, then found an absurd stand in frame.


i sure still haven’t built that frame up.

@earwig how is your ditherer going?

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Funny you should ask. Long story short…slowly.

I ordered a bunch of parts from Bike24 and during checkout autofill managed to replace half my old address with my new address. I caught the mistake when I got the shipping notice, but DHL wasn’t able to update the shipping label. It made it to the town where I used to live and I managed to spot the tracking right when it went to “return to sender.” Called up the post office and Sol’s very helpful colleague held the package for a friend to pick up and re-ship to me. I’ve got most of the drivetrain and brake parts, but I can’t finish setting any of that up until I get the handlebars from the Bike24 order.

Rims ordered from LB won’t ship until after Chinese New Year, but I’ve got another wheelset I can throw on to get it rolling.

I’ve learned that IS brake mounts require a bunch of M6 bolts. I have oodles of M5 bolts from the Harris Cyclery closing auction, but apparently only 3 random M6 and the local hardware store doesn’t have stainless metric hardware. :colbert:

I think I’ll have it rolling by the beginning of February.


you want some m6 bolts?


There’s a good hardware store in the next town over. I need to run some errands there anyway.

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Convoluted wheel dither:

  • HG has 700c wheels. I have an unbuilt DT350 rear/SON front hubs for a theoretical 650b set
  • need to build up a set of wheels for the fixed gravel thing, which has a TA fork (and I want dynamo on it). I’d like to try 650b if I can


  1. Build nicer matching 28h/Belgium 700c fixed rear wheel and steal the front off the HG whenever I need, eventually 650b the HG and have weird spare rear
  2. Build cheaper 650b DT alu rim 32 hole generic track hub/Shimano dynamo set
  3. Try to flex a little and build the SON I already have with Light Bike/Nextie rims. Could cheap on the rear hub and have 32/28h f/r, or higher zoot rear to match hole count

All the options bother me, I think because fixed gravel is already touched enough without dynamo and 650b in the mix, but also why stop when behind

i’m here for you if you decide not to use those hubs

Still thinking I need a ham biek with another 29+ wheelset, even tho winter doesn’t exist anymore and I spend all my free time doing house projects instead of riding my bike, but there’s a geared Kona Unit X in my size for $800 that has me thinking maybe I should just that, but Jesus Christ I haven’t ridden a bike in a while I should probably just ride a bike I have.