Weird Build Dithering Thread Infinity: Part 2

some wild stuff in that store


I remember those from the 90s!


Lazer Rootbeer

Chameleon Sapphire Teal

  • RootBeer
  • Chameleon
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Laser Root Beer is a purple to brown fade, and Chameleon is a bluegreen to purple fade?

I didn’t click through at first. Rootbeer atmo. Brown with black parts and polished hardware is sick, and metallic purple is ABD.


chameleon is too close to oilslick atmo

Rootbeer is going to be $100-150 cheaper so I think I’m gonna have to just go for that one because I’ve spent all my money. Decals are going to be silver…would look way better on chameleon but oh well. Might go sans decals.

Edit: but holy shit this on sapphire teal

What would tarck do if they had a night moves frame they wanted to build?

I was originally dithering about doing a 12s record build and fancy light bicycle wheels. Then I checked the prices and I’m not so sure anymore.

I definitely want this thing to be a fancy boi, within reason, but I also don’t want to spend a million dollars on it. Should I just yolo a bunch of nerd parts on instead? My main requirements are tubeless and hydroshakes.

what do you want to do with it?

basically looking for a modern nerdavinden replacement.

i have plenty of off-road bikes so this one should be very much pavement focused, i was thinking 700x32 g-ones, which would give it some leeway on gravel

the bike is specifically designed around mechanical shifting / hydro brakes, i’m wondering if i should just ball out on wheels and get whatever the last cable-shifted ultegra group was?

I honestly don’t know shit about roadbike stuff in the last 5 years or so, all my current bikes are 650b offroad shits (except the nordavinden that i haven’t touched in 7 months) that are big and slow and fun.

i just wanna go a little faster sometimes

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cabron wheels, nice hubs, nice supple tires is a good place to start; you can easily switch up drivetrain and build with the same set of nice road wheels

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u rite
how do we feel about those onyx hubs?

i have some shamano (sic) hydro shakes I just took off a bike that I’ll sell you! they’re like the weird ultegra level but don’t say ultegra thing that Shimano does. 11s. they’re still connected to calipers. i also have the dangler

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If you don’t care about weight, I think consensus is they are great. Dead quiet, maybe a bit faster spinning/less resistance.
For weight considerations, NOBL’s got you:

I’m mildly concerned about weight but not extremely concerned.
My other go-to option is dt240, but honestly I want this thing to be as quiet as possible (within reason, of course)

are we talkin bout these RS685 jawns?

I’d be interested assuming they’re new-ish, I had those on my gunther-ditherer and they were excellent

yes that is what we are talkin bout. however, they are definitely NOT new. i think they’re about 7 years old.

“Does weight matter?”

I’m stuck fam. I like having a sub 20lb gravel bike but I think I don’t like worrying about carbon. :smilegrant:

Disc brakes are a must. 48mm tire ability would be great. Plan is to upgrade my wheels to HED Emporia GC3 (26mm internal) or similar.

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Ask @Hazlewood about Rob English’s bikes?

i spend literally zero time worrying about modern carbon. what is the problem? if it breaks just get a new one, it’s super unlikely it breaks. you’ll spend more money proactively doing “not carbon” which can also break

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Very nice ofc.