Weird Build Dithering Thread Infinity: Part 2

followup on mechanical disc brake + non-brifter drop bar lever dithering:

  1. I figured since I’m on tarck I should own at least one set of the Official Cable-Pull Disc Caliper Of Tarck, and ebay’d some Hayes CX Experts. Dang these are chonkly - real snappy action, I can see why y’all like them. Unfortunately, same deal as the other calipers I tried: they’re definitely engineered around the slightly-longer-short-pull of modern brifters, and the very-short-pull BL-6403 levers went straight to the handlebars.

  2. I bought some IRD Drillium levers from @drwelby and they have a quite long pivot-to-cable-anchor distance when compared with the Shimano BL-6403 levers, Tektro R200 levers, and even a tiny bit longer than the Sram S900 lever that I was trying. They work GREAT with the Shimano CX77 calipers - the lever firms up well before the lever bottoms out, but they still have more than enough power. I’m sure they’ll work well with the other calipers I have on the bench as well but we’re down to single-digit hours until the first big ride on this bike so I’m buttoning things up and may dither more later.


I know this is going to cost me, in time, not money. My first wireless power! I have two wired powertap hubs, one is intermittent on a decent rim, the other good, on a mostly slogged rim. Will pull them down, use the rim off one and the spokes off the other to make this hub into a wheel. One is built 2x and the other 3x, with the good rim having wrong length spokes anyway, as the original PT had different flange heights. I probably have the first 3 iterations of PT here. A shame it’s not the third, as it would talk to my Garmin. Will probably put it on my yellow Steelie and do some retro TTs with my spinachis. EDIT: gawdang, seems it’s the SL+ which works with the REAL ANT . I should be able to sync it to Strava and in theory,


Can one of you with a qbp account let me know if they show stock on the surly moonlander offset fork?

Only see the non-offset fk 0705 fork on QBP. Offset one FK 0707 not there anymore.

Thank you

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The alluring tire clearance of this lock-up, Steven, I took in from a common in-law, has led me on a dither. Took L’s old venture maxes and short stem and threw it on here, then chased down some short pull v-brakes. edit: also rigid forked.
Next step is to acquire some bigger tires. We will take this on a trip through the gravel and sands to the South, which her Soma just is not up to.