What did you do to your bike today?


nothing very interesting but i got a new front tire. yay!


enveloped it in fog


I moved it from one room to another as I tried to finish my floors.


Washed it and cleaned all the mud and grit out of the chain. Now I’m gonna go ride through mud puddles. :bear:


Grabbed it then put it back because it was raining way hard and had no time to grab another set of clothes so I drove to work :colbert:


Just rode it, and plan to ride it some more this evening. Weeeee!


Rode it to work and sprinted around town on my 15 minute break because its SO FUCKING NICE OUT.


I took tarcky on a 40 miler. About 4 times further than ever before; I usually take the geared bike for big trips.


I went back home yesterday, completely disassembled it last night(except for the bottom headset race), sanded off the clearcoat. Today I primed, painted and cleared my bike a nice Burgundy. It goes nice with the bronze veeps. I cant get any photos as my camera isn’t here and my phone is dead and I left my charger back at school.


Ate it.


Changed the cog on my fixed cross bike from a 20t to a 16t and rode 25 miles.


Put my compass/bell on, and changed the batteries in my lights.


rode that bitch to the store


tarck is about how much you can do to your bike without putting butt to saddle.


i looked at it.


Rode it. Got it muddy.


My bike is sad, I went to pick up my new wheels i ordered to be built, and my mechanic built both machined =[ Now I have to wait longer


Walked past it a few times since it’s sitting in the hallway, mostly ignored it though. Weekends are for not biking.


I rode the ss back home from the gf’s house this morning and then put the new Atacs on the Cross Check.


I might hang the polo bike on the wall of my new apartment. We’ll see though.