What did you do to your bike today?


The carbon Mukluk frame has a really weird shape, with the top tube angling up right in front of the seat tube, and the down tube being shoved forward of the bottom bracket 5" or so to create more room. I’m annoyed when frame bags only ‘kinda’ fit, so it’s worth the money for the custom bag to me.

Also, I’m in Sweden, so I have fewer options, and when you throw in VAT and shipping for places in the USA, it’s almost the same price for me to go custom.

But, I like the look of Parsley, so I have it saved for later. Thanks!


Do you know about these Revelate-made Salsa bags that ostensibly are made for Mukluk frames?


[quote=lukasz]What’s wrong the the Salsa Mulkuk bag they had Revelate make?

Look at the years of the bikes those are made for again

then look at the 2017-18 Muks


I mean I won’t but just wanted to let you know in case you missed this somehow.


Ah, it wasn’t meant to be that snarky - just that the frames are a complete redesign, so the bags don’t fit at all.

But, you made me check the Salsa site - and it looks like they didn’t abandon the Muks, they just didn’t make bags for a while, and I see they now have them. So I don’t have to get custom after all, if I don’t want it. So you were kinda right.


re-dished rear wheel (in place); realized when fixing the fenderline that it was actually just slightly off in the horizontal dropouts; re-re-dished wheel.




Got the tandem pretty much done:

[]650b conversion, moved the brake bosses down
]Fixed a dumb cable stop
[]Added some rake to the fork blades
]Added fork bosses at Wetmore/Riv and lowrider specifications
[*]Custom stoker stem

Took it out for a test ride, and my wife says “something feels weird with the left pedal”. Turns out the XT730 cranks I’ve had in my stash for 10 years are bent on the NDS side. But luckily someone has some NOS ones on eBay.

On on a positive note the 650b x 47 tires completely change the tandem for the better.


well now I guess I need a tandem.


buy mine



Old man stem. Trying out the new Assavers fendor bendor too.[/quote]
What’s your solution for theft resistant TA wheels?


The front is a bolt on and i always lock the rear. don’t have a really good answer yet.


I put on a 48t Biopace ring and have ridden a few days in all 5 possible alignments. Tasting notes:

First i tried at +36 degrees. This bothered my hamstrings.
Then I tried at 0 degrees (tab aligned with crankarm.) This REALLY bothered my hamstrings
Then at -72 degrees. Felt like I needed to raise my stem, move saddle forward and spin a low gear. The Opposite Of Planing?
Then at -36 degrees. This felt pretty okay actually, almost normal.
Then at +72 and it was back to anti-planing.




buy mine[/quote]


Update: put the junky 170mm stock cranks back on the tandem (ugh so many chainrings).

Took it for a test ride: pretty damn good.


Used a 4mm thick steel angel bracket as a reinforced tang/strut for my VO front rack w/ integrated decaleur (possibly one of the most annoying racks in the world, am I wrong? Is there something wurst out there?) lets see how this on a 50cm Wolverine v.2 holds up… singletrack?


[quote=curiousincident]started putting this parts bin 26" troll bike together.

will start lacing up some of the dirt cheap alex tubeless rims to hubs cut out of busted repair wheels. if the whole drop bars thing works i’ll consider ponying up for a tiagra group. otherwise the paint matched 120mm stem goes back on with some backswept bars.[/quote]
Cool. Nice bars too.


The old VO pass hunter rack is the most annoying rack I’ve installed. The Miyata I put it on has a threaded hole in the fork crown that doesn’t pass all the way through, and the rack has a fixed threaded rod instead of a bolt on tang. The cheapo Toba fenders in the mix mount with a tab not a daruma. Spent a good while spinning that annoying rack on and off repeatedly, with it’s stupid canti post mount arms snagging on my dumb bar end shifter cables, figuring out the correct thickness of washer to use so I could slide the fender (which I had to cut the mount slot open on the top) into position just as the rack rotated into position. Stupid garbage rack.


You could just drill out the for crown so you don’t have to thread the stupid rack onto it.