What did you do to your crosscheck today?

I hit this point a while back. Just waiting for things to break now.

I don’t really ride my bikes much so that shouldn’t be a problem here


I’m proud to say I now spend more time riding than dithering


I spent some time with a ruler and bikegeo.net to copy my fit over to the Gain. It’s now got a 120mm X 0deg stem and a half zip tie fender job.

The XC bike got some new chainstay armor, since the OEM one was flopping around.

Went to my lbs yesterday and went thru his archival chain-ring bank looking for the elusive 102 bcd xtr ring. No luck but got told about a nerd core engineer friend who could probably do something… why I would waste energy on something like this tells you about my dither problem.

Found a dead GX 1x11 dangler in shop bin, to steal the cable guide off, to transplant onto a road gravgrav dangler so the Exact-actuation dangler could identify as an X-actuation dangler, but then realized, wtf, the only thing wrong with it was, same as the last one I ressurected, a broken B-tension plate. So I could pop a new B-tension plate on it from my ever growing box of sram dangler spares. Soooo many options.

Also picked up a complete mint gripeshit 2x 10x shift set.

Help me somebody.


Burn it all down, start fresh. It’s the only way.

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But while my wife is visiting my daughter in Sydney for a week, surely now is the time for peak dither…


Swapped my beacons to try the venturemax. I thinks its a first gen venturemax cos skinny tube. 289 grams vs 305 for the beacon. Beacons have been amazing offroad but the venturemax could easily be as good without the crazy look.

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Swapped out the pedals on the Polyvalent to free up the Race Face Ride pedals for the incoming Jones. Figured while I was in there I’d do a crank and biscuit swap to see if the pre-boost XT triple crank would yield a better chainline (using the inner two rings) than the previously tried pre-boost XT double crank, and at least as good but not worse than the square taper triple already on it. It didn’t. Now that those dithers have been dithered those parts can be released from my hoard.

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Just done one road commute on the Ritchey Venturemax. I cant believe how much i notice the differences between that and the Beacon. The extra 20 mm drop and the extra 10 mm reach coupled with no backsweep on this earlier generation bar are very noticable. On the Beacon whether on the drops or hoods, there was hardly a change in my position. I really prefer the Venturemax look but my gut feeling is that once i hit the trails i will wish i had less drop and reach. The one thing i dont miss is the slightly different rudder type feel that you get with the backsweep on the Beacon.


New brakes. Later this year I’d like to get a new fork too 20 year old carbon is not very light or confidence inspiring.
Bike is now sub 17lb with computer mount, pedals & cages.


Treated a couple of Brooks saddles over the weekend and noticed that one of them had slid all the way back on the rails and the pole had twisted a bit. No wonder it felt weird.

New rear wheel and rotors on the big dummy. Also trying out a 27.5 front wheel for science. Seems legit.

So I bricked my motor on the Marin e-bike in two rides. Evidently some dipshit didn’t program it correctly (Shimano and Marin can fight that out-wheel circumference was set to 3000mm and evidently it was thinking there was some Di2 shifting supposed to be present). It was throwing a tampering code E295, which shuts motor off, but you can start it again. Two times first ride of 9 miles. Whatever, I will sort it out at the shop when I work again. Then two more times and I am getting deeper into some fun unmarked shit here.

I finally start climbing last bit and evidently i hit the magic number of 5 codes because it goes to safe mode, with code E299. Had to call wife to pickup, and luckily could cruise downhill toward that.

Climb would probably be 1400ft over 2 miles with a 55lb bike. Maybe more.
Shimano tried to jump in remotely, but couldn’t make it work. So I am sending it to them to re-program. E-bikes are fun and also really stupid. Luckily Marin rep dropped off a demo at the Seattle shop, so I am going to take that for the week.

So if you have a Shimano motor or sell them, keep this in mind or tell customers that this code actually is worth getting checked out.


well there goes any motivation i had to buy any ebike of any variety


counterpoint: we have had four Bosch ebikes and they have been flawless over several thousand hard (cargobike) miles. your statement is like saying “Ford has a terrible quality record so I’m not buying a gas car”.


Yeah, we have sold tons of shimanos with no issue. Also has issues with Bosch, but they were equally quick to help with a fix, even a bunch of goodwill warranties outside the realm if they didn’t have miles on it, etc. Dumb shit happens. Lord knows we all have a bunch of terrible stuff happen in the analog world. Seems like Shimano has some other thing occurring now that defines some of our relation to their brand, and we even still like them. Weird, huh?

i tried plugging a sidewall today on my bike

you already know how that went.

Took the frame bag and basket bag off, tossed on a fender. It’s in fall mode now.


Picked up a Soma Lucas front rack for $10 and tried it on the funny wee bike

I don’t actually hate it?