What did you do to your crosscheck today?


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Put Microshift Sword on my 'valent.

Tarck shoutout at 28:29 in the newest VO vid: https://youtu.be/2u5U9Bi3Lno?si=AU-Zj3UUf_pcuXqY&t=1709


How do you like Sword?

I’m considering as an option for a build, and my LBS had such negative experiences with earlier Microshift they’re talking me out of it.

The quality is really good. The little lever takes a bit of getting used to, I’ll admit. But the ergonomics are great. If I had a choice, which I didn’t since MS only had the 2x10 for me, I’d go with the 1x10. The left increasing cable tension lever throw + little lever pokes my finger. Again, it’s fine, I’m nitpicking. Everything was easy to install. The routing for the cables and housing is great. The Nouveau Rando bars have about 12* of flare and their concept of making these levers more comfortable with flared bars is nice.


Cool, thanks. I’m keeping it as a backup plan if/when something breaks on Snowaguchi. Almost everything on there is ~2012 10-speed Force, and parts from that era in good condition are getting scarce.

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Cleaned drivetrain
Replaced 30t ring with 28t ring
Lubed chain with Flowerpower drip wax

good installment! the caoutchouc bar tape pairs nicely with gumwall tires. were those brass cable ends not reusable? I thought I saw a set screw but then you clipped the cables

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They are reusable. But i forgot to put them back on after being under the weather for a couple days.

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Looking at me right in the eyes with a call out




The headset kept coming loose. Wonder why.

Not sure how I missed that on the initial install. I’m feeling rather silly.


Does it actually matter though for headset adjustment? All the clamping is way below that on those stems. I’d guess it could probably put torque on some unsupported thin aluminum in the stem and cause that to crack if anything.


Since I gave up on the yellow road bike and this one takes 25c max in front, I decided to make this my road bike.

Took off noodles and bar end shifters. Swapped silver lever blades onto some Apex shakes I got from Ryan a while back. Put on some Soma Highway Ones and the XX derderder from Ferg’s English, because I had no other Sram 10s ones, and bonus it’s shiny. This is better. I’m over bar ends on drop bars. Probably get spds soon and get thrown in the trainer when it gets cold.


Finally did the brakes. Overall I was worried about nothing; even when an olive got crushed (probably my fault) and juice squirted everywhere it was easy to fix.

Wet brakes are ten times better than the dry brakes and I’m betting once these pads bed in more I’ll like em more than Vs. Maybe.

Definitely gonna need a longer stem though, and probably lower the bars some more.


I LOVE the resurgence of ATBs. They look so good with the new chonky MTB tires and 1x drivetrains.


I’ve finished major renovations to the Salsa Vaya Travel.

It’s a pretty rare combo - stainless steel with S&S couplers. It had QR axles, (it is from 2013), but Salsa started offering the replaceable rear dropouts with TA, so it was worth modernizing.

I couldn’t find an off-the-shelf fork that fit all my criteria, so I got Konstantin Drust to make one. So, now I have through axles and anything cage mounts.

The wheels stopped holding spoke tension reliably. So, I had them rebuilt with DT Swiss HX491 rims and replaced the BB5’s with Paul Klampers.

I also got 52cm PNW Coast bars a while back, so now I also finally have shoulder-width handlebars too.


Oh, genius!

im probably going to build my Mone very similar to this. ATB ultrastacked hybrid life.


It’s pretty fucking great atmo. I ripped around some bootleg trails today when I had a short window of free time and it’s a much different and much better bike. Going back out again tomorrow for the day to explore and ride more and I’m actually looking forward to it.


Why no hydro? It’s 2023.