WHat do you hate most?

Ive been wandering in there reading this weekend quite a lot.
Posted a few.
The place just cracks me up. Its like a magnet for idiots.
I guess that’s why i went there, eh?

Where’s the “all of the above” option?

For real.

i would ask for only when I’m drunk, but nobody would click it lest they were drunk.

ok edited it

the mods

i want to buy velocity deep v’s in san francisco

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santaanna’s leg

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illadelphia esq

pros/cons of setting up a 650c fixed?

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suburbs, fixed?

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i can’t say fuck.

Are me and deathare the only 2 posting here and there?

/\ and tarckbike

i cant even type it backwards…

I like my fucking cusswords!

brian & the new ownership

barba, not your favorite things. . .

I post ever so rarely, but every time I do I feel like I need to watch what I say. I don’t like feeling like that. . .

even worse is the road forum. i read it at work when i’m bored for entertainment. from the constant barrage of people asking if certain bikes or products will make them faster (HAHAHAHA), to the outright pole-smoking of anyone who made it out of cat 4, it’s incredible. there’s an overwhelming feeling that everyone there has bought into the advertising hype and fell for this years sales pitch.


SSFG, though, is just a cess-pool of dumb questions and people. i’d like to think that we sucked the life out of that place when we all left/got banned. that may not be the case, but i also like to think of the baby jesus as a mischievous badger, so you can see what i occupy my mind with.

The useless repeated threads by people who are too lazy to search and too lazy to post any replies to their own thread.

Where the hell is the Brian option?

Nope, I post in both. But here’s better. I can say “fuck” here.

Snails, dude…


Did they even censor this URL backwards in your rating text?


Also, the road forum, they embody everything that is wrong with the sport.

Fuck even calling what some of those douchbags do a “sport” is too much.

Basically its just a bunch of dudes who wanted to be in the military who were flat footed and turned around so they took to “smack down rides” and “10 reasons why im going to yell at you in a group ride”