What do you put under your a$$??

I know that picking a saddle is a personal thing, but I wanna see what everyone else uses so I can get an idea which ones are better quality. So… What do you put under your a$$?


Lots, but my

Terry Fly

is my favorite

<3 Arione <3

I use several. Brooks B17 & B17N, Terry Fly, Specialized Alias, and a Flite.

avocet racing. it’s the jam.

san marco rolls for rides less than 15 miles brooks b17 on my touring bike.

Brooks imperial. I was testing but no longer post to the other forum. this is my first brooks and I love it! after about 75 mile if felt like the best saddle I ever had

i have 3 brooks pro’s - simply butter and the ladies dig the rivets

Brooks b17 - compfy as fuck on my fg
specialized toupe - ass hatchet… but no numbness or anything, it is good for 3-4hours… havent ridden it longer than that yet, but its a great saddle.

Selle Italia for road.
WTB for sans-road.

Brooks team pro.

Team pro when the weather is nice (goes on late spring, comes off mid fall).
Arione the rest of the time.
Some OEM crap on my mountain bike.

e3 gel

Brooks B17N.

Brooks Team Pro
old school Flite

Selle San Marco Rolls Due on the road bike
Specialized Alias on the Fixed/Track Bike

I want another Rolls.


Selle San Marco Blaze K Ti on my commuter fixed

super hard, but is light as hell

Selle San Marco Concor Light.
Only saddle I ever want to ride again.
I also have a turbo and an old school saddle of some sort on other bikes and both of those are comfy, but I think you would have to pry my concor light out of my cold dead hands if you wanted it.

I am rolling:
2 selle SMP: one on my Track Bike and one on my Road Bike. At first I hated this saddle but I gave it another shot and now I am a fan, so I bought a second one.

1 Brooks B17: was on my Fixed Gear but I switched it to my Townie. It is super comfy especially on the townie with not so much saddle to bar drop.

1 Brooks Chrome Swallow: I just threw this on my IRO. I already prefer it over the B-17, but this bike has way more saddle to bar drop. I will get back to you on the comfort once I have put some real miles on it… You cant deny the timeless style of this saddle…