Where's the dumb questions thread?


That’s a cool resource! I stumbled across this the other day, I didn’t know diddle about the forging stuff so was some good info in there for me.


[quote=Blakey]^ Or find the right era of 10sp hollowtech II triples (eg 6603) that have the granny bolt to the spider and not the middle ring. outer ring bashguard optional.

I have a long block of text on nerd crank options and crack hacking, probably belongs in the spreadsheet[/quote]



Believe so, check the shimano parts diag to be sure. I think 6603, 6604, 5603, 5703 are the only hollow arm & 130/74 cranks. 7803/6703 are granny-on-middle, 77/65/55xx were pre HTII even if there was a triple option.

cheap RH arm option for US tarckers: https://www.ebay.com/itm/183151065753


Blakey thanks for posting that list. Lots of good info

fyi: Middleburn was purchased by betd in the UK, so think they’re ok now


Actually they’re just ok right now
I’ve got a new bike coming and it has a middleburn crankset
The weight is less than the sugino ox901 but
They fucked up the finish
And I’m waiting to hear how they’re going to remedy, if they do.


What’s the chainring setup?


46/30, 5 bolt 94bcd
story is middleburn didnt hand everything over after they were purchased so there are delays in machining and finish - it took 6 months from order to delivery.

i was told when 7075 is anodized the copper can come out of the material and cause blotches.


oh, unrelated/related(?) the titanium eecranks are listed at 400g without spider and rings - really close to the weight im getting from middleburn R02s


When will Wolftooth make a Campy 12 to Eagle tanpan?

Should I get the shifters and try it on Eagle?


No published cable pulls?


This is jogging some memories. I sort of recall picking 47.5mm for the chainline (Sheldon lists the crank as 47.5-50) when I moved it from the aluminum Stumpjumper to a Soma Groove because of its more slender tubes. My purchase history shows I used a 113mm BB on the Soma. So, if all that’s true, and I’m not sure it is, a 107mm spindle would give a (double ring) chainline of around 45mm and a 103mm spindle a chainline of around 43mm? All that stuff is gone, so I can’t measure what the chainline really was. But then maybe chainstay clearance starts to become an issue.[/quote]

Blakey is right and my memories are shit. Since I was swapping out the cranks on the Space Horse over the weekend, I took the opportunity to install the crank with the 113mm spindle, chainline measured right at 50mm.


If the Soma Wolverine takes a 28.6 mm FD clamp, a 27.2 mm stick. Why do they tell people to use a [quote=Somafab]29.8 - 30 mm seat collar[/quote]


The seat tube is externally butted at the top end.


DQ: Is Russ Roca, the Path Less Pedaled YouTube channel guy, a tarcker? I have suspicions.


You mean a lurker or a real Tarcker? I wouldn’t be surprised if he lurks, but if he posted here, I imagine we would know it.


Good point. Could be a lurker. Liberal usage of “supple life,” “tukt,” “planing,” etc. Now that VO Igor is in the house, possibilities are possible.


Tarck culture is not for sale


Unless the colors are wrong, hats are small, or patch’s mom is shipping it out


I don’t think he lurks tarck. All of those words are in circulation by groups much more popular than an obscure fixie forum.

When I used to be really into guitar pedals, any time a major player’s pedalboard was posted whatever community would always say “yeah he definitely lurks”. Didn’t matter if you were on tgp (think the pace line) or ilf (tarck). Everyone assumes that they influence the influencers.


didn’t some randobros down in SF make a “SUPPLE” sticker in the style of “SUPREME”? We’re part of the zeitgeist, but we’re not its source.