Where's the dumb questions thread?


Wash them? I do mine in a bowl with a little soap and then just let them air dry.


Every couple weeks I put a wash bin in the kitchen sink and fill it with water and baking soda (sometimes detergent) then hand wash all my gloves, cycling caps and helmet pads. Put everything on a drying rack afterwards.
Works like magic, i’m pretty sure baking soda is magical powder, just recently discovered how effective it is.
This weekend I submerged my entire helmet in the baking soda water because the whole thing was covered in layers of salty sweat


cool dudes, thanks.


Was just thinking to myself but are Surlys overpriced for the average college kid who wants to tour/commute?


Overpriced compared to a shitty old mountain bike, yes. Not overpriced if he just wants to walk into a bike shop and walk out with a functioning bike that will last him for decades. We all love to shit on Surly, but they’re still around because they offer a bike of real value to a huge segment of the population who don’t care about planing or having the lightest bike among their friends.


Yeah, I thought as much, except I see the middle aged managers and desk jockeys buying LHT’s and decking them out with absurd parts.


You’re an Aussie, right? I could part with my XL Ozette right now as I sold the bike it was being used on. PM me if you’re interested.


There seems to be this bimodal distribution among Surly owners, one end that wants to keep them as precious as possible (basically budget Rivendells) and the other end that beats the shit out of them. Surly seems to understand this and designs the decals to fall off for the latter group but sells replacement decals to the former.


Damn, that’s so true.


Would be interested in what you hear back from Swift on this, if you hear back from them.


Well I sent 2 emails one on the 5th of July and another to Jason on the 10th. No replies so far, I’m guessing they won’t bother unless you’re poppi or oceanair.


Eh, probably for the best. It would just lead to a new rack, then a new bike anyway.


I still say call them. Or, I’m going to some event thing in Denver next week where they’re presenting some video or something, I can hunt them down and tell them “Please email Ed back”. It might be lulzworthy.

But, I think a phone call is the way to go. I get that you’re in PI, not sure what the long distance situation is there. Someone here can call for you. (Or you can send Andrew to the HQ to figure it out, I think it’s close to his commute.)


New frame - It’s steel.

Order a Whisky carbon fork or order the Soma Wolverine Thruaxle fork?


Well I wake up at 7am anyway (on the other side of the earth) so I’ll call then


[quote=motorbacon]New frame - It’s steel.

Order a Whisky carbon fork or order the Soma Wolverine Thruaxle fork?[/quote]




I’m just building this turd to sell anyways, so I should make it really nice so I don’t want to sell it, right?


Clicking around the same place in pedal rotation.

Pull apart, clean, grease, re-install cranks/bb/pedals?


make sure it’s not something dumb first, like a not-entirely-snug Q/R skewer or you pusher cable brushing the crank arm. Ive pulled and regressed my beeb a few times, when in the end it turned out to be something completely seperate.


and check teh cassette lockring