Where's the Stolen Bike thread

My bikes were stolen while I was on vacation. These three. If you"re in LA or know someone who is please keep an eye out. Thanks

picture snot work

i tried to look but there are errors

link 1

link 2

link 3


the embedded images aren’t, but the links do work


Damn that sucks. Those bikes are sweet and pretty distinctive.
Good luck in their recovery.

Damn that sucks, will keep eyes peeled, those are not common machines.

Thanks all, and Jimmy for fixing the photos

I posted the photo of the Elephant on the FB group page and got this reply:

fuck dude, sorry

Location is LA:

His work is listed as

Patina Silverlake
June 2011 - Present
4220 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Bicycles, toys, furniture, voltron, art, collectables, powell peralta, rarities, antiques, records, etc.

[quote=Andrew_Squirrel]I posted the photo of the Elephant on the FB group page and got this reply:

Man, I hope this guy gets the full welcoming committee.

Just to clarify since there are two Steel is real groups

this one is called “STEEL IS REAL !!! - Classic Vintage Road Bikes”

dude has a lot of nice bikes

I went to the address. I don’t live far from there, unfortunately that shop isn’t there any longer. My membership in that FB group is pending. We’ll see


Holy shit. That’s a pretty solid fucking lead.

All of the dudes posts are odd scores (a fat chance missing wheels). I’d reckon he buys shit at flea markets, maybe police can force a lead out of him on the other two

I think tonight I’ll double check that I’ve got all my serials written down.