Where's the Terrible Handlebars Thread?

When I saw this thread’s title I said, “reddit.”


i still think there is a visual elegance to a nicely done mustache bar, but it would have to have non aerolevers and no stupid cropped secondary levers.

lets get those butterfly bar pics in here

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Stoker levers for the back of a tandem. I had a pair on my sweet fixie in 2008 for like 3 days before chopping some risers.

Every once in a blue moon I remember seeing a sweet brakeless fixie with newbaums wrapped no lever/nub mustache bars, and thinking how damn beautiful a bike that was, and I get tempted to put a pair on something, but then I remember every other time I tried to get along with them. Long and low, with a technomic, flipped upside down with inverse levers, there is no world where mustache bars are comfortable.

moustache bars always look great because no one rides them long enough for the bartape to get dirty and ripped


There is clearly an interesting level of pathology going on here. The very clean bike with that bar setup, the cloth batrape (can we still say that?), the meticulous throwback dropper post setup… just the almost subdued matchy match going on with all the silver. Then there’s the dandy velcro strap on the right brake lever. There’s too much going on here for such a clean bike. There was MONEY SPENT here for a bad cause.

Patrick Bateman, we found your bike.

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Zoom waaaay in on that photo and peep the stem. Moots.

Yeah–I almost mentioned that. This is not a person to be trifled with.

I mean, you can say whatever you like, but this always struck me as one of the dumber Tarck neologisms, any possible offense aside.


^This. And then annoyed me more because it was cemented in my head.

wordfilter “batrape” to batconsent and it should fade out quickly enough. or at least be good for a laugh and a reminder of how far we’ve come.

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I might be in the minority but I don’t feel ‘batrape’ is problematic

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No offense taken at all.
Considering the letters that are rearranged, batrape seemed inevitable/obligatory.
Wordfilter to “batconsent” would be confusing but also fun.

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New tarck does not have a word changer. It goes against discourse ideology to change what somebody says. There is a word filter that just makes it **** though. Which isn’t helpful to us at all.

that’s v respectable, but kind of lame. the word filters were one of my fave things.

except when you were gone for a week and missed out on how a new filter came to be


Ah. that makes sense. was a good week to be gone i guess. i just want stuff like pokes and sandwiches

pokes sandwich will always live on in our hearts

WTF we need wordfilters. And getting handwringy about batrape is silly. No bats were raped or committed rape in the making of batrape.