Who's going to Interbike this year?

I just got hooked up with a pass, but I’ll be there mostly for the partying and racing. How many of you are planning on being there?

i take off work for it every year. and this year will be no different.
hell, if you live in las vegas, you kinda have to.

I’ll be there.

tarckBQ at my place.

Provide veggie options pls.

One turn at a nickel slot machine says EuroJosh will be there as well.

i make some killer kale.
but i eat vegetarian most of the time.

veggie sausages and peppers. yes please.

ill be there.
along with a few friends

Hell yea I’m gonna be there. Do any tarckers live in Vegas? Any shop rat tarckers want to represent at Cross Vegas “Wheelers and Dealers” race?


The Cross Vegas CX race has a category for industry folk to race in. I was really pissed that I didn’t do it last year, totally trying to do it this year.

[quote=EuroJosh][quote=Jim]One turn at a nickel slot machine says EuroJosh will be there as well.[/quote]Do any tarckers live in Vegas?[/quote]patrick and myself. i probably won’t do the cross race unless my boss let’s me borrow a bike. hahaha. you guys see the ROAD magazine with the inside cover of the guy drinking the beer at cross vegas 2008? that’s my boss. hahhahaha

Yeah, I won’t be taking a bike out there. If I can get someone to loan me one, I may be down.

oh shit!

Hey Rabbi, do you work at a shop there?

i will be there looking for a rep job…

[quote=EuroJosh]Hey Rabbi, do you work at a shop there?[/quote]NuVision Cyclery.
only on Saturdays, though. although, if i get layed off from my current job, i’ll be working there full time.

i’ll be there w/some people from nashville. nathan, keep me updated on the happenings. i’ll be in vegas for the entire month of august as well…

word. most likely having a bbq at my house. i know i’m trying to talk to the goldsprints folks to get that set up, etc. i’m taking the 3 days for it off so a 5 day weekend for me!

Anyone want to split a cheap room? I have a free place to stay out in Henderson, but that shit’s kinda far.