Winter cycling 2013-2014

First snow/ice ride today. It’s on.

Studded tires coming out of the attic today.

Replacement lobster gloves added to the shopping list.

tc: excited for less epic winter commuting this year.

oh man
dreading it already
had to wear a long sleeve shirt on the commute to work the other day
i think it was about 56*F

i still need new shoe covers. all mine have holes in 'em
but i hate pretty much all shoe covers. i guess i need 2 pairs actually. one for rain and one for cold.

my toes get so cold.

Wore winter jacket last two commutes. Not cool.

Still no gloves though.

oh, bar mits have been out for 2 weeks already. 20 degrees out at 6am, 60 at 1pm. Arizonas how do they work.

Just being cold and gray with constantly freezing puddles of car exhaust sucks. If real Winter conditions show up riding in it is amazing fun.

Looked through all my strava data from last Winter taking note of 13-15 mph averages and very low cadences. Ran all the gear calcs trying to arrive at the one gear to rule them all. Hit me that swapping between two freewheels would work and cover nearly everything, 22t and 19t.

Looking forward to using all my new less oppressive Winter gear and spinning a lot more. Took the super low gear out for a test ride which got me thinking about ditching the fenders once in awhile and going drift busting with knobby tires. No feeling in the world compares to airing out a frozen ramp into head deep powder with no care how you land.

Gloves and a hoodie, but still wearing shorts. Love snow riding, hate the bitterest of the cold, below 20 degrees just isn’t fun anymore. Freezing or above and its like whatever, couple extra layers but just less jackasses out riding. Thinking about/building my winter/snow bike is always my favorite build of the year. Old 80’s touring bike fixed, fenders and cross tires, cruiser bars and a cheapo front rack.

Switched over to my MTB shoes cuz they are warmer and happy about it. Not happy about the pedal swap though. I put the shimono flip flops on. On the up side they might actualy be practical for work when o want to rode to a meeting rather than drive.

Coated a couple pairs of shoes with never wet. We’ll see how this goes.

Stoked for winter beach riding.
Gotta get the Pug back up and running.

Someone told me about electric heated mitts. Anybody tried such a thing? Seems to me cold and batteries are a bad combo. I like the idea of pogies (moose mitts) but I ride a SSCX bike with drops in the winter and not a flat bar.

^ suddenly a dynamo makes so much sense

Million dollar ideas thread ->

bar mitts have drop bar versions.

did we ever determine the best winter cycling cap?
prefer no logos

im about to hit up one of those new rapha ones. The seem like they might do the trick.

Pretty rough at 6am this morning. 50f. Had to put on gloves and knee warmers. Winter is here.

bar mitts have drop bar versions.[/quote]

Aren’t the drop bar versions arranged for riding exclusively on the tops and/or hoods?

yeah basically hoods only, they are also neoprean only while I know the other mitts can come with insulation, but I think they are about the only option for drop bar bikes. I’m happy with mine, but then again I mostly hang out on the hoods. Lets also be clear, the flat bar mits really only give you one position as well… cuz you know… flat bars. But Ive hung out for an hour in -20 with them and some thick woolies and they set me back like 60 bones…