Wool Appreciation Thread. Fuck your rain gear.

get wet, stay comfy. Wool, we love it.

wool under a well-vented rain shell.boom.

fuck wool

free the sheep

Icebreaker sheeps roam pretty damn free.
Wool under a rainjacket when its wet.
I wear almost only merino.

fuck the sheep

free wool

i’ve been known to ride with a women’s XS banana republic cashmere crew sweater. fits just like a baselayer… only it comes up above my belly button when riding in drops, but whatever.

saggy wet wool is the worst

My rain kit of the last few winters for road rides: thin wool sweater underneath a summer jersey, wool socks, possible wool cap under hamlet. Feels good man.

[quote=Captain Gnarlock]fuck the sheep

free wool[/quote]


This. Though I still wear wool.

u guise need some good fitting wool jerseys
coz mine dont sag when they get wet
race fit bros

wet wool is better than wet anything else (well, rain jackets and the like aside)
Wool pulls the water away from the body. Keeps you warm. Wash the water prone wool garments with nikwax.
wash the other stuff with kookaburra.

Links to good wool tops. Provide them.

Now this is what I’m talkin’ about! Wool for life!


Fucking love wool for winter riding. Smart wool and merino rock. I always wear smart wool socks right through the winter, shit I wear the no see-ems in the summer months too.

SWRVE long and short sleeve wool base layers are excellent. Comfy, soft, washable and not too heavy or too light. A nice option for relaxed, cycling-specific clothing.

I also have this kind of douchey/eurotrashy Castelli sweater that is super nice every time fall comes around.


Oh yeah! I’m wearing smartwool right now! I only wear wool socks.

I have a couple Smartwool jerseys that I got real cheap off Sierra Trading Post that couldn’t be better.
Wish I had 10 of em.

I think it’s been posted elsewhere (Recent Purchases maybe?) but Nordstrom Rack quite often has Smartwool t-shirts and jerseys for pretty cheap. You just have to search through a bunch of ugly crap to find them.