yamaguchi best. i sad when i find out bike not yamaguchi.

haha. this guy.

look on first page to see the GT road frame he has. pretty badass. just like the one i acquired recently.

i told the dude his GT bikes probably aren’t built by yamaguchi. i base this upon email from yamaguchi that was forwarded to me. i posted it on his flickr pics a few times and he deleted my comments. lolz. i just tryin to help him figure out who built his bikes.
i guess he concludes from the email that the frames are “built under yamaguchi” by some unaccomplished builder like tiemeyer or nobilette or paul chamberlain or someone…

nice frames. i got emails from a few of the builders to narrow down who might’ve built certain team frames.

the email. lol. i a heartbreaker. you get no hipster points for have yamaguchi built bike. too bad so sad. you ignore me it ok though.


I never built frame under GT brand. But I work with USAC/USCF '88~2004(USA Cycling Association. Former US Cycling Federation) at the time did work with GT. but my job is mostly consultant for the US national team bikes.

Back then, GT had a small custom frame factory in Longmont Colorado run by Forrest Yelverton. This shop are only built steel frames. Ti and Alu. Frame are from CA GT factory. Mr. Tiermeyer are assignd for built Aluminum time trial frame.

Road frames: 93~96 GT national team bikes use True Temper. 97~2000 GT bike are Reynolds tubing.

GT’s Sr# start with USA are made for the national team use.

National team GT road fork offsets are 45mm. With internal fork crown, raked fork blades (not straight blades) and Henry James dropouts

I hope this info help you.

Good luck for rebuilding this bikes.

Koichi Yamaguchi

holy shit i was just about to post this bike in the jackass bike thread

we same person only differnt. lolz.

“Urban Outfitters photo shoot for Fall 2009 men’s clothing line.”

^ I don’t think those 2 could try any harder…ugh


My fault. If they had this then they couldn’t try any harder

[quote=tarckeemoon]“Urban Outfitters photo shoot for Fall 2009 men’s clothing line.”

holy fucking douchebros

does he know his pants are to short and tight?

Sup soundandmotion sup jacques

“yeah, i was a model for urban outfitters this season. its not really a big deal, im just so hip. wanna do some blow off this toilet seat?”

The “under Yamaguchi” has been removed.

I went in to Urban Outfitters today looking for a new wallet and because they had a sale on Levi’s. That place is WAY douchier than I remembered.

i know!

I refer to it as Urban Troutfitters. For all the hipster “trout” looking to hit the latest shiny new dry fly offerings, in exciting season-appropriate shapes and colourways.

And for the record, it has always sucked. It’s just impressive how much harder it sucks now than previously.

To be fair, the men’s clothing and apartment sections are much douchier than the women’s clothing section. I actually shop at UO often, or manage to find stuff originally UO at a thrift or discount store. It’s nice stuff, pretty comfortable and practical. It’s better than H&M or Target, both of which feel kinda cheap.

Oy vey.

I worked there for a while and we’d always get returns because the clothes were so poorly made. I will say though, that H&M clothes basically feel like they’re made out of paper.


please do not shop at urban outfitters. They have given lots of money to prolife, homosphobic republican senators (who are also down with the idea of replacing the constitution with the ten commandments). Just go to a thrift store, and find something that looks damn near the same.