So, I’m entertaining (at this point, just entertaining) the thought of a custom Yamaguchi frameset. But their photo gallery isn’t up. So, anyone know what either of these frames are? Or have pictures of other yamaguchis and know what the frameset in the photo is?

I believe that second one is probably one of a kind. There was a velospace page of it, dunno where it is now though.

found it- http://velospace.org/node/9755

the white one is a messenger frame
it has stronger/thicker chain and seat stays and drop outs
than the track frames
basically all of the frames are one of a kind
they are all custom

if you ask him for a bent seat tube bike
he’ll probably build you one
but it will be more money i imagine

he builds a lot of crazy/different bikes
his frames are nice and very reasonable in price

^^^^he probably won’t make you one of those asymmetric ones though theres only 7 of them or something.

I wonder what the price would be… for just a standard, normal tube build.

Hmmmm. I saw the messenger listed on his site, but it says to ask for price. I’ll email and see what kind of options and pricings he has.

The asymmetric is one of my favorite track frames ever. There was a guy who posted about picking one up, among many other crazy nice frames, for $600 bucks or something from a bike collector. Oh the jealousy.

this is my buddy tommy’s-

Messenger frameset? Any special options? Know what it cost?

for the yamaguchi mess frame prices start at $1400, since everything is custom he can pretty much do anything you want.
a double plate fork crown is a $100 option.
i also emailed kalavinka and got a reply. they said they would take my order and it would be about 6 months. i got a used frame instead because i found a pretty badass one…

You emailed Kalavinka recently? Because their site still says they aren’t taking orders. If they are, then it’s a huge toss up between the two…

^^^^it was within the month
and when i got my bike the wait was 3 months but took 4
and yamaguchi said 120 day wait in 08 so i would expect at least 4 months wait
but if you email he could tell you for sure
and shipping is a lot cheaper from colorado than japan
but kalavinkas are sweet

yeah dooktruck knows.
it was within the last month.
i sent htem an email asking about double plate fork crown. i also told them all the lenghts i wanted and the angles and rake and a couple days later i got a reply saying they could take my order if i wanted and to tell them what paint i wanted…

Here’s another super-sweet (not mine) EDS Guch:


EDS is a cycling team? I can’t find any info on it.

wheres the one visitordesign had which was a track frame fitted for a derailleur if need be

Here. I saw it around the time I made this thread, and think it’s a great idea. If I get a Yamaguchi I may have them do something similar.

that track/road frame…is…gorgeous omg.

This thread is too good.

Here. I saw it around the time I made this thread, and think it’s a great idea. If I get a Yamaguchi I may have them do something similar.[/quote]
that thing hurts my eyes

yeah i used to think that bike was pretty cool.
i like something like this better though.

VisitorDesign’s Yamaguchi is awesome looking, but that bike and it’s design is totally “WTF?” If you read the original thread about that bike on the other board, you’ll see that he basically didn’t know what he wanted, and Yamaguchi had to do something to make the bike a reality, so he came up with that weird and generally impractical design. There was a ton of hilarious dutret/VD back and forth about it.