Your gearing

I normally hate these threads because geography varies so it means nothing. Maybe we can change that.

What gearing/inches do you ride on the road? on the track?
What type of terrain? Hilly, flat, rolling, etc.
Do you use a brake? primarily, obviously a lot of us change up based on our bike.

if I’m forgetting anything feel free to add in variables

48x19/68 inches road. I just switched from 48x16 which is 81 inches
mainly flat but some steep hills on the south side of the city
no brake, though I’m considering putting it back on

I’m doing 49/17 for about 75.7 GI right now. My daily morning ride is about 30 miles and includes some really steep 2-3 blocks climbs and some punishing loooooong 10-15 block climbs that really kick my ass. I ride brakeless. It works pretty damn well, but I could be a bit faster overall with a higher gear.

50/17 don’t know how many inches, don’t feel like looking it up. will add a 15 tooth once i get a flipflop hub.
pretty flat, nothing steeper than an overpass.
no brake, but i might reconsider depending on how my leg feels once i get my Alien built up. (was in a pretty bad crash a few weeks ago, leg is still sore/stiff.)

Commuter (cross check) is 46/16 with brakes, tarck bike (pista) is 53/18 no brakes

i just picked up a madison, it’s 48/18. i’m realizing that i can’t spin to save my life anymore. i was running 46/17 on my old bike.

48/17 through the streets of chicago

46x14 on the steamroller 88 gear inches
52x14 on the Russian track 100 gear inches
48x16 on the fuji track 81 gear inches

the steamroller and fuji are basically the same gear ratio, I could be wrong on the calculations. I ride in Austin, and it can get pretty hilly sometimes.

I’m running 48x19 on pretty hilly terrain. 48x16/13 if I ever make it out to the track…

I can’t imagine pushing 52x14 uphill for more than a block.

100 GI? can you even ride that shit on the street?

49x17 for the daily commute / ride everywhere in Portland (even did Hillsboro to NE PDX over the West Hills)
49x15 for the track (when I start racing / training)

what has braek?

It’s rideable, but pretty recockulous.

I climbed mt bonnell with that thing on a full moon cruise one time. That shit was brutal, made it up all the hills except one. The only reason for that was all the dumbass’ getting off of their bikes to walk up the hill and made me lose all of my momentum. ... onnell.htm

no brakes
some hills here nothing too bad around town
but some pretty gnarly hills if you want them
i save those for my road bike

i’m a spinning mofo

some of you guys are pushing some ridiculous gear ratios
i rarely even ride in those gears on my road bike

Quads like a horse.

Not after having my back broken. There are no brake holes to put on a brake, and after having two broken ribs and 5 broken bones in the back and 5 days in ICU… from getting nailed by a van, I ride with a brake. That bike goes only on the velodrome.

go measure

53x19- 73 inches



go measure[/quote]

I was talking about 100 GI dude, but sure, I’ll bust out the tape.

I hear Brianforums has a good thread on this topic.