Your gearing

24" exactly. :bear:

both or just one?

go measure[/quote]

I was talking about 100 GI dude, but sure, I’ll bust out the tape.[/quote]

No tape to measure…but I’ll ask my room mate if she has some, being she is the sowing type.

They aren’t as big as they were before the wreck. I’ve only been back on the bike for about a month in a half

one of mine is 25"
the other is probably 25" also :colbert:

22" I’m definitely down from a summer of no cycling

this thread title should change to gearing terrain plus quad size

44X15 fixed
53X20 s/s
53/39X12/14/15/17/19/21/23 geared (took the 13 out to make it work - long story)

Boise is relatively flat with a couple benches, maybe a 100ft vertical gain for each.

edit: Brakes on all

funny story
i was at the bar and this one dorky hipster was talking to an old fat retired cyclist
and teh dorky hipster was saying how stiff his veeps were
and teh old fat cyclist said well do you have sprinter legs?
and teh dorky hipster says yeah i have sprinter legs
i almost spit out my beer from laughter

46x15 commuter, no brake.
washington dc/NOVA can get hilly at times, but nothing too arduous, really.


46/16 on the langster beater w/ brake
52/17 on the raleigh sunday bike wo/brake

I run a 48/18 on the street bike (Pista) and 49/17 or 53/15 on the track bike (Track Pro)


42x13 (86.5" with 28c tire)
No Brakes (On a conversion)
North Texas (Flat)
21" Quad (Thin)

i want to gear up.

Right now im not riding fixed until my rhp is complete.

with gears

42x13 to get up speed then 52x13 flat with not many stop lights
52x17/19 slight hills, lazy flat grounds
52x23 big hills
42x23 tired hills, really big steep hills

and fixed, on my first conversion i rode 42x14 w/ brake clipless, second conversion 42x16 brakeless, My rhp came with 48x18, when i build it up ill probally try that for a while and might make it 48x17 or somthing around there. i have no idea.

53-39/ 11-32… road in the front, mountain in the back, based on the random collection of parts i could scrounge when i built up my bike. It’s kind of a fucked up combination, but the wide range of gearing is nice and riding tarck taught me not to whine about not having the exact right gear for every situation. That 39-32 comes in handy on some of the short but brutal (17+%) grades in East Lothian, where you come out of these little ravines. And I get use out of my 53*11 in a good tailwind.

here are teh hills if you want them

53x19 street/road/distance/hills
53x16 track racing/training
53x15 strength training

i had 44/15 … but just changed to 44/17 after a few months of not biking. i like it better, can spin more, and manage easier with no brakes. i changed from 77 inches to pretty whimpy 69 inches or so, i think. i have an excuse, or so i thought.

42/15 for all my needs since I don’t race on the track.
I have a front brake.

28-48/11-32 on the geared bike; haven’t ridden it since before summer, that’s gonna be weird.