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lol I just reported a fuckin wrecker + trailer for parking on the sidewalk on my way in today, hopefully the program covers sidewalks too if it ever materializes

Unfortunately, I feel like 1) the bounties will never happen, 2) enforcement will be limited to downtown and around the lake parks, they don’t really come to my zip code, 3) somebody is going to get assaulted by one of the already-aggressive brodozer bastards

all that said I’m excited to see what pans out lol


I saw a bit a few weeks ago about a guy in NYC
His makes $60k/yr reporting idling trucks on their bounty system
Sounded pretty fulfilling as far as jobs go


You could report that some trucks parked in the bike lane are assisting in abortions, you might see some real action on that.


And willfully transitioning kids to their desired gender


Definitely not happening for vehicles in bike lanes tho

$60k/yr in nyc isnt good

That would be a significant raise for me and I’ve lived in Manhattan for 10 years
Time for a career change I guess


that NYT dude is retired and just walks around and rats on bike lane parkers with his dog. it’s kind of a dream


Yelled a driver who ran a red light and then pulled their car right along my building. Think I scared the shit out of them lol. Perhaps not my finest moment but I had fun.


Wow. Was just threatened with violence after calling a white man in a truck an ass hole. He was certain that everything he did was not only fine, but courteous and that I was the asshole for riding in the whole lane on an empty side street that is really more of an alley.

He was blasting up the ally behind me at 40+ tapped his horn, I didn’t move, so he passed me by 6inches at speed.

Maybe I need some of that bear mace.


Well, he was clearly an asshole.


I guess we’re not bitching about bikes today…

so sad and angry.

came here to say I almost got splattered by a garbage cop on the way to work this morning.


by this do you mean a cop (who, by dfinition, are garbage) or is there actually some type of cop that is just supposed to police the garbage infrastructure

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The second one

Turned right across the bike lane without looking or signaling

what do they do?? what type of crime would be perpetrated against garbage people?

Keep the crust kids out of the dumpsters behind the Whole Foods?

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They tape tickets to buildings that have messy sidewalks


people whose jobs are to spend all day in their cars are always the worst drivers

It’s NYC. My observation is that people there are very creative when it comes to both garbage and crime.
Manhattan itself, with its lack of alleys or other trash related infrastructure, is a crime against garbage.

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Garbage cops hunt through your garbage to ensure that everything is recycled properly, and if you get anything wrong or misunderstand NYCs byzantine recycling rules they write you a $76 ticket.

My rule is if I don’t know if I’ve gotten the rules exactly right, it goes on the neighbor’s garbage pile. That building is owned by a giant corporation so I have absolutely no guilt about doing this