All things NuMTB thread, now lower longer and slacker

Next bike is made for 140 travel. Current bike is meant for ~120, pre-plus trek stache, and the one noticed I need to conciously weight the front. It has a slack by today’s standards seat tube and the extra travel isn’t helping things.

this dude does interesting things on mtbs

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Looks doable on a bmx don’t it?

brakeless enduro bike. wow.

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why no brakes

That’s my other question

i am like generally convinced that dylan stark (and a few others like him) has a screw loose. like just innately have no sense of self-preservation, which results in him taking wild risks. but also the lack of fucks to give is why he hasn’t like made to the big time on the freeride circuit.


He does a lot of barspin combos in the video

no brakes is street af

Suspension on the other hand

He’s the guy who did the roof drop onto the el toro stair set

The drop is at 8:30


It’s really really cool to see pro utterly destroy a trail you’ve ridden yourself. Parts of this trail is the steepest stuff I’ve ever ridden to this day… Also I really really want to get back to Petzen/Jamnica one day, the riding is so great!


Wow a new bike I actually want!


didn’t porsche just acquire fauza?

i wonder how it is when you (qbp) double down as a “service partner” and your partner gets acquired by porsche

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Would anyone here be interested in XL transition Spur frame and likely one up dropper for $2100? Think I’m tempted to go back to banshee phantom I had before for fit/feel.
Probably had it a few months and not ridden more than 100 miles. Ride wrap applied.

ugh but that frame looks so good

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I know.

Maybe. House is supposed to close on Tuesday so I’ll have some money then

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Another 120 frame you’re getting rid of? I’m waiting on the 150ish one

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I want that frame but I too probably can’t spend the bux right now