All things NuMTB thread, now lower longer and slacker

I’m so behind on watching the mtb races. Only saw the season opener so far.

Yeah uh I’m not sure I bled these brakes since I got them from @yonderboy just before the pandemic. So maybe that’s why they weren’t working so hot on the tech trails on a 90+ degree day lol.

Hey Frank btw what are you up to next weekend? I’m still mulling over this PA trip. Can we figure out how to ride bikes?

I am headed to IL to see my sister and her kids. Sadface.

I also just saw someone posting CODE RS brakes he took off his stumpy evo for 250 on the bookface. MTB Swap Meet Why is it so hard to find unique url in groups. Probably because they are semi private, huh.

I too should probably sacrifice bikes for this family visit anyway. Thanks for the tip about the brakes. I’ll take a look at the fluid in these and see if maybe I should just maintain my brakes better.

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Too bad about the music but the turn where the guy eats it is where I realized my brakes weren’t working. Def slid down it on my butt instead of trying to ride it.


man if the dirt looked that fresh yesterday I might have tried it, but it was dusty too.


I like my 4 piston curas. A pair is $290 shipped at gambacicli thanks to the euro/usd conversion

They also have 4 piston deores for about 210 shipped. They sent my order a year ago, not sure if they’ve cracked down since then


Exchange rate Curas are very tempting right now

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Interesting chart I saw mentioned somewhere or other recently. Funny how these numbers kind of tell me nothing about which brake will get me around a steep sketchy turn most confidently. Cool qualitative section below tho.

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I love my hayes. They were $$ but feel real good.

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I sat next to a dude writing ad copy for Rapha MTB on my flight out of ATL.

I guess that makes sense, since they relocated the main office from Portland to Bentonville.

Got any juicy details to laugh about

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did he have a Rapha luggage tag? my favorite people in airports are the ones who hang the Delta medallion tags on their luggage. because you have to ask Delta to send you one. and they don’t do anything. if you’re fucking shallow enough to ask Delta to mail you a silver medallion tag… I’m sorry for your lack of personality

Maybe not surprising, but he wasn’t outfitted in company gear at all. I was trying to not creep on what he was doing, but it was definitely Rapha MTB stuff.

I don’t know what is up with the frenetic art design for MTB ads right now.

I was watching a video on YT saying that you should match your stem length to your fork offset for better handling. I haven’t looked at the geometry, but it seems plausible.

Frame builders, is this true or bro science?

Not really. You use a shorter offset fork on a frame with longer front center. You also tend to use a shorter stem on a frame with longer front center. So if the trend has been for longer front centers I can see how someone can draw that conclusion, but it’s more that both are being driven by front center instead of one being driven by the other

this is also kinda bro science

the bikes in question having very long front centers is co-related in that they’re already as long as they can make them, with the ~1cm reduction in front-center from the short offset being a co-incident secondary outcome

the trend for shorter offset forks was really as a no-compromise way to “get even more fucking trail” in a progression from ~120mm to ~140mm

really can’t make HTAs slacker than ~63° before telescoping forks stop working right

and progressive bikes are already on the limit of frame reach before the stem has to start facing backwards (or elaborate PVD ruses to make tiny headtubes and riser barstems to get to the same place)

plus in all this they got to sell a different version of the same forks to the same people in a split market with no well of used parts


but your grips are nearly always significantly behind your stem clamp, and your front hub’s location has nothing to do with your cockpit

having more mechanical trail does benefit from having lighter steering and vice-versa, but the numbers themselves have no relationship to each other despite being offsets from the same axis


What’s new in mtb tires? Shopping for a rear in the “just a tad lighter than DH” category, 29x2.4.

I think I like my Michelin Wild Enduro but they’re very hard to track down right now. Thinking about trying a Continental Kryptotal (who the fuck names these) because I think I can actually get that by next weekend. I’m sure that I could get a Minion, but come on Maxxis is boring.

Delium and Pirelli seem to be the new hotness.

Digging these Delium tires!

I feel like I want a bit more support in the rear, so I might go for a tire that’s 100 grams lighter than the Michelin but add a cushcore (I’m currently using rimpact liners which are like 1/2 the weight of cushcore). Or keep these rim strips and get light DH tire. At least for the next few months, when bike parks are operating.

Kiddo hitting a loamer.