All things NuMTB thread, now lower longer and slacker

Thanks for the offer, it’s a tapered headtube so the extender wouldn’t be compatible. But I found the manual for the fork and it’s definitely just a spacer so I’ll be doing that first and see how I like it. I think this is going to be pretty cool, glad I asked.

Just had my second ride on the slackened Rip9 and holy shit it’s so good. Best upgrade I’ve ever made to an mtb.


The boss is teasing me with this 22 S Works Stumpy Evo, the 23’s are mullets and that isn’t appealing to me so this one could be a keeper at the end of the loaner period. Going to take a expert demo bike out for a ride on Monday to make a decision. Talk me into/outof a stumpy evo? I think set up high BB/steeper HT would suit my normal riding pretty well and dithering with the other settings could be fun, right?

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Surprised this hasn’t been posted here.


The GTA NPC TikToks that have taken off are pretty hilarious, too.

That video should be 9 minutes of loading screen, then 20 seconds of riding before being killed by a flying jet car


Oh shit, I’ve arrived.


not quite?



Soft open, they’re dithering with the site today.

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i have never in my life seen a better canvas for a tarckshoop

Our team of experts

C&D incoming from Tarck, LLC


would it be in poor taste to superimpose eejay shredding in harrison arkansas instead?


Trying to get stoked to ride tomorrow. Anyone near the Frederick watershed trails in MD by any chance? They look kind of awesome:

That place is awesome!

Yeah, it is really solid. Some serious dh trails there.
I think this is the one I did, first year of the enduro.
Signed up for the pro class just to do Creampie. I know there are more shuttleable ones there, but those other ones in red are also pretty rowdy.

Hope they drain well cuz I think I’m about to head out for a break from the in laws. Any tips on where to park? I was thinking of parking along Hamburg rd and riding up to the top of kubla khan, then maybe driving up to another lot to sample some of the reds, though I feel like those may be a bit sketchy for a first time ride alone.

Sadly I am not that familiar with the area. But that sounds like a plan. I know that Creampie had some techy rocks, like almost step downs but wasn’t too crazy. I would probably take caution with them since they could be intense over there.

I like step downs :slight_smile:

Reporting live from three saws trailhead.

Update: extremely pleasant 3 mile single track climb. Wow!


Well that was fun.

Did the one trail that turned out to be very techy and leaf covered (whoops). Some fun features. I tried rolling down this twice. First time my rear wheel started to come around and I ended up putting my uphill foot down once I was basically sideways. Thanks to the pins in my left pedal for stopping me lol. Smelled like I was trying to spark a fire.

Lowered tire pressure and tried again. This time I still slid down the whole thing but kept it straight. Kind of don’t understand because it doesn’t look very steep, but traction was quite low. Cold weather x ancient rubber? Are the rocks less grippy 200 miles south?!

This is how you get on it:

Got done with this trail (kubla khan) and went back up to hit a flow trail. Decided on Boundary Line and it was just what I wanted. Berms and doubles and such. Wish I had just done that twice.