All things NuMTB thread, now lower longer and slacker

Ya if we’re still tolerating talking about this, I’m kinda liking the idea of a YT Izzo. Similar setup to Ripley but I think lighter. I think an Alu Ripley would also be pretty portly, but geo and ride different from enduro bike.

genius that they put the damn accessory mount bosses right behind the headtube

everyone else seems to put them smack in the middle or most of the way towards the seat tube end, to be as awkward as possible

Carbon wheels, even cheap ones, are kind of a must. They make the bike feel much tighter, plus the weight savings. Come to think of it, that’s a good argument for dithering a frame up build.

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I think my bike is close to 35?
Medium alu scout.
Once you add big inserts and real tires it adds up quick.

Gosh it would be fun to ride a snappy downcountry thing every now and then.

Out here a usual lap is a 30-45 min climb then all descent and weight ends up not mattering much.

Why do you need/want to change bikes at all?

i feel like weight has never been less important on an mtb. they all just ride so damned well anymore

I’m not changing bikes. I’m adding one to compliment my heavy, slack bike. I want this one to be one I’d actually ride if I did an off-road bike camping trip and for all the trails around here that aren’t just straight up and straight down. Just the idea of hauling the Sentinel plus camping gear through an airport is terrifying.

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That makes more sense.
Why not a spur?

Can’t find one in my budget. Also, I’d like to try someone else’s design philosophy.

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Light playful bike camping bike? Did Mig hijack your account?!

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You can go bike camping on any bike, so the idea is to have something lighter, more nimble, more cross-country than my Transition. Plus the part where this involves portaging the bike+gear package through airports/public transit.

My carbon mtb with carbon wheels is still 30lbs :woman_shrugging:

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But this is lighter than if the wheels weren’t carbon, right?

Mountain bike is gonna weigh what I mountain bike weighs, unless you’re the swede with the big legs?

Maybe 1/4-1/2 pound?

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Yeah, pretty small difference. The main advantage is ride quality, not weight savings.

My Instinct is 33 lbs and my Oiz is 29 lbs. I’m not much of an underbiking fan, so it’s horses for courses.

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this is where I’m thinking the FM936 with a Stepcast fork could keep 5-10lb off by starting from different constraints and avoiding the temptation to end up with the same bike again

they’re pretty similar geometry, but the Spur/Optic are really lower travel peppy versions of big enduro bikes with burly frames and forks

where this would be a more purely XC build, with just the geometry/fit of big bikes

Ok I am coming around… I just don’t like that the wheelbase of the bike is roughly the same as my Sentinel despite having 40mm less travel front and back. Still seems like a smaller enduro bike. I guess I’m hung up on the Ibis because it is actually a bit more squashed. I think that I want a bit less reach. Guess I could mess it all up and put a 130 fork on the Carbonda?

They claim 520 reach for the XL? The Synonym is advertised as having 511 in that size, which is still 1cm more than my big bike.

reach numbers are only comparable at the same stack height

this is lower stack, which makes the frame longer on paper but in reality is still shortened back by your headset spacers and handlebar setup

I don’t think the 67° HTA will handle the same as your 63° enduro bike

it just has the modern big cockpit fit, so you’re mostly deciding whether you want that or a more conventional bike where the cockpit is a full size or two sizes smaller depending on the decade

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64 degree but good point. Ok I have to take a closer look and not tabbing between work and bike shopping.

You mean that this is lower stack than the synonym, yeah? Actually now that I look at it, this is a chart for the RC version. Which—I’d probably want the TR version.

Edit: and ok now that I’m not distracted I do think the geo differences are just the fork length. So 66 degree head angle vs 64 on my big bike, and interestingly enough the stack is only 3 mm off my sentinel and reach 11 mm longer.

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I would say that the Optic would definitely give you enough of a difference in feel vs the sentinel to warrant a good look, especially with good used deals.
Like the Banshee Phantom is probably 65* or so vs 64 of enduro, so trail feel is close enough, but def peppier with shorter travel. I like the feel of it over the Spur I briefly had, but that was hella long, and maybe it was the SidLux shock I really didn’t like about it. But I have a much better riding enduro bro who loves his, so I know the bike and components aren’t entirely to blame.