All things NuMTB thread, now lower longer and slacker

they usually aren’t lol

I’m more and more into the CARBONDA, esp. now that I realize it is a 120/120 platform. And a carbon frame I can afford to replace.

But with the way the bikes market is right now, I feel like the longer I dither the more options I’ll have at my price point.


Not the most stellar reviews from the latest victim. Says paint is flaking off his month-old frame.

Maybe 2022 wasn’t the best time to order direct from China.

I love dis bike


That looks like a very good bike

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During my ride today, my brain reminded me of the existence of the Jay-Z song Izzo.

You should get the YT, just to put a “H to tha Izzo” on the top tube and ride it in Prospect Park.


It’s true and I keep thinking of that song when I see the bike name.

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