All things NuMTB thread, now lower longer and slacker

I have run exclusively shimano brakes for my entire mtbing experience (11 years now) and find them super easy to maintain. I dont really have any leaking issues. They can get soft as the brake pads wear down but I do a funnel bleed and take care of both brakes in under 5 minutes. If i do this, then I might have to put the funnel on before i push the pistons in when I put on new brake pads, but again, super quick and easy.
I find the bleeding process less finicky with Shimano and everytime I demo a SRAM bike, i miss the feel of shimano brakes (obvious bite point, easy to squeeze, no problem modulating as my fingers are used to them).

So don’t listen to the haters. Those brakes will be fine. Would I run them in CO in steep mountain descents? No, but I wouldn’t pick an xc bike here either. They’ll be fine for your use.

The suspension will be fine. Most people prefer the budget Fox over budget RockShox and for your uses it’ll be enough.


Yeah I think budget RS kinda sucks but that level of Fox seems fine. I wouldn’t stress too much about the build. The parts will do the things they’re made to do. I would question the 100 mm of rear travel on the Exie though. Not sure I’d want a bike that’s less than 120/120. Saying this owning a 120/120mm bike and not really taking it out much. I don’t know where you live or ride though.

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Hy: first real ride back. Riding tech as fuck stuff blind (tumwater in Leavenworth)… WTH, was lazy and just put a dhf, the only tire I had on hand, in the rear instead of putting it up front and moving my asegai to the back and my god it fucking sucked.


Falling with style