Badass rider of the day II


I had a buddy who rode to gigs with his drums on a trailer, but his trailers kept getting stolen because a) he couldn’t figure out a good way to lock them up and b) bike trailers are in high demand amongst bums in Santa Cruz. He was a hardass, though, and I was always impressed.


On my Humboldt-Seattle bike tour I did six years ago, we met some dude in Astoria who let us stay in his mom’s house. He was building a bass trailer for his band and they were going to tour down the coast playing shows. They ended up doing it and were famous enough for my mom to know who they were (NPR in LA played them over and over). The band is called Blind Pilot, I believe.


i went to college with ryan. i last saw him at the nau sample sale and maybe at a gringo mexican restaurant next to my work.


Love blind pilot. That story makes me love them more.


Never listened to Blind Pilot. I can’t get past the name that sounds like it’s going to be cheesy christian rock.


He was a really nice dude. I guess they saw us riding on the highway when they were coming home from school in Portland and made of point of looking around town for us to say hi. Then they drove us out to a big party at the beach. He got pulled over and didn’t have his license but talked his way out of the ticket. His mom lives up the street from the Goonies house. But I’ve never listened to any of his music.


To bring this full circle into the bike world, some of the guys from Blind Pilot are friends with the owner of my old shop.


This 19 year old. Nicest guy you’ll meet. Real quiet.

Rides the shit out of his bikes.


this fucking guy


I would love to be able to take my bass gear to shows and practice by bike instead of by car. It’s only a 4x10 bass cab, and old Acoustic Control Corp solid state head and a leads case / pedalboard. Could probably carry my bass on my back. I wonder if it could fit on a cargo bike.


Fell down a Google rabbit hole researching Hirth-joint failures, and eventually ended up on this page.

Can’t pretend like I wouldn’t want a time machine to go back and ride with these guys.


You need a time machine to chill with those Yonder Journal dudes?


I have never heard of that before, but it seems incredibly douchey and not at all what I was referencing.


How abouts you go do a couple 300k brevets with the sir crowd next year. I’m sure some greybeards gonna get rad


Its a bunch of dudes with funny facial hair and cycling caps riding around taking pictures of themselves wishing they had a time machine to go ride with Tom Ritchey and Jobst Brant while they sport funny facial hair and cycling caps while taking pictures of themselves. Thought it seemed right up your alley. I kid I kid.

Not that those pictures don’t look awesome and the though of riding with seminal members of the cycling scene in the US is not enticing but I would just as much like to go riding with most of the people on here on some crazy random adventure.


Tc I cant fucking wait to get back in shape and ride a zillion miles to middle of nowhere


If I don’t find a good job by next summer I’m probably going to take off on some sort of adventure, probably on a bike… who’s in?


come to the best coast

ill make u toast or something rad



Dude gets hate but what he accomplished at 29 is absurd. Go back and watch his lbl victory again; dude was a beautiful freak on a bike