Bike blerg thread

don’t forget cervelo :wink:


When I was young I lusted after 1x1s and vintage treks. Guess I’m just lucky


Pretty sure this is the same person I sold a set of tubular wheels to a few years ago and had a short chat with about potentially buying my road bike.

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Doubtful. He was very close to Bruce and from my interactions with him I think he’s got very little ambition beyond how that business is currently run. Kind of a buddy doing a thing to honor another buddy type thing. Also, only $59/tire is crazy. Dude needs to raise his prices. I cant imagine he’s escaped the supply chain madness and price raises over pandemic


No argument re: headtubes, though I suppose you can always cut them down. The paint I’m willing to forgive because I saw an interview where Peg himself was like “yea I have no clue what I’m doing, I’m not a painter, someone just asked me to do one so I did, and then people kept asking.”


But if you don’t like the headtube and you don’t like the paint then brother you should just buy a Gunnar


Oh yea to be clear I don’t like Pegorettis and will never own one. I’m not into steel bikes with big oversized tubes unless those tubes are Columbus Max and can’t be fucked to cut down a headtube, let alone pay Peg money for a bike I’d have to do that on.

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I like pegs

Big mig rode pegs


The one upthread is aluminum.

Couldn’t bear to zoom in enough to tell. I also don’t really like aluminum bikes.

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I mean. Yeah. Some of them are really cool. Some are really ugly. Absolutely the same can be said of Land Shark.

Continuing the brand after the creator dies is always a little tricky, but it’s not like someone bought the name of a famous constructeur and started putting it on carbon frames they had no actual hand in producing.



That’s the short game.

The long game is a legal name change.


This pretty much covers it. Two others points might be that they had greater input into the tubing spec than most steel frame makers (of the day), and usually had more stack than a lot of comparable bikes. They also were fussy enough to have a head tube spec that needed non-standard headset, which some perceive to mean Dario’s & co really sweated the details to get great handling. If you buy that line of reasoning as rationale to believe owners that the Pegs handled better than most, then you might seek one out. Personally, I respected that they kept a steel fork option and did their own thing on the approach to paint.


the nonstandard headset was purely about aesthetics

by making the cups still normal dimensions but have the headtube oversized to be almost inline with it instead of inset

it also made the proportions with double-oversized frame tubes look more balanced

but then when there’s a 3" headtube extension it all falls apart again


Oh, that’s just about the most vain thing I’ve ever heard. Can’t believe King caved to this nonsense. They don’t even make Campy or 6 bolt stuff anymore but they made a special headset for Dario? Things sure have changed in the land of the angry bee.

I always assumed they did the HT extensions to avoid monster spacer stacks for the people that actually bought their frames, with the understanding you could always cut it down if you didn’t have a t-rex fit. I witnessed one such HT shortening in person when a guy brought in one of their aluminum frames for such a procedure

Bro CK does his own thing like pay his labor less than standard rates and make proprietary stuff that is super breaky/wear outty if you actually use it


Are they still paying below industry average? I remember that from about a decade ago.

I’m not a huge CK booster but: one bb still spinning after a decade, one rear hub that got a free overhaul when it started creaking. Headsets keep on headsetting.

Unsure, had 2 buddys doing machinist work there and were paid lousy wages into 2016/2017

Also u got lucky with a bb. Mine wore out after about 3 years/15000 km with no maintenance

Moved to a dura ace one and killed that one too tho - was way less expensive

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