bike parts anonymous AKA: The new WTT thread, also pro tips on the length of time you should spend on the crapper

I have two very expensive bikes (and one that’s merely expensive) and a gut that says ‘I don’t ride enough’.

[quote=bigmatt]Hi my name is Matt, and I have a bike problem. I even started a blog just to try and sell my extra parts and named it Bicycle Anonymous! Other evidence is my current bike count is at 16 bikes (see link in sig). All of those are fully functional and ready to ride. More evidence is looking at what my basement bike workshop looks like, HERE.

My worst bike part hoarder right now is track wheels. I have 5 fixed/single speed bikes. All of those have wheels of course. But, hanging around I have Dura Ace/aeroheads set, vintage HF Campagnolo track to Fiamme tubulars set, vintage HF black Campagnolo track hubs with bladed tied and soldered spokes to GP4 with some orange Conti Sprinters set, first generation Dura Ace high flange rear to unknown rear tubie, nashbar double fixed rear to dp18, nashbar hubs to Matrix Iso c set, rear i dont remember were it came from, and another spare unknown tubular front. I can’t bring myself to thin that heard for some reason even though I have sold some spare track stuff lately.[/quote]

sup mang. emailed you about ultegra shifters last week via CL. live in woodbridge/detroit.

[quote=Rusty Piton]I’m confused by the fact that I’ve already acquired two bike parts through this thread.
This isn’t a support group, it’s an enabled group![/quote]
thirteenth steppin’, bro.

What do you need exactly? I have a set of planet bike cascadia atb fenders in vg condition. They’re doing nothing for me but add to my BP problem.

i need 700c. tires are 40mm

sent you an email about some parts as well, bigmatt.

I have stayed up late and woken up early to bid on bike parts.
I have met strangers in dark parking lots for bike parts.
I have been less than honest with people I love about my quantity of bike parts and what they cost.
And yet I still want more.

I am in love with this thread.

too many tires, handlebars, stems, cassettes, grips, batrape, saddles, etc to know what to do with. I’ve also gotten extremely lazy with my tools and just leave them wherever I used them last. I would say I know where 20% of them are, sigh

I’m sorry what?[/quote]

What? Why?[/quote]
LOL at Imelda Mikeyos.

Yeah, I kept pairs that had been skated through for some reason or another. And whenever I found a style that I liked to skate in on sale, I’d buy an extra pair just to have around since the shops around me always seemed to run out of my size. Right now, I think I have twelve pairs left. I sold most of them off and kept a few to wear.[/quote]
whenever you feel like having another shoe sale thread, make sure I’m noticed

[quote=Rusty Piton]I’m confused by the fact that I’ve already acquired two bike parts through this thread.
This isn’t a support group, it’s an enabled group![/quote]

Doug, what have you done? This thread just took a wicked turn. Every time someone posts a list, I consider what I’d like to make an offer on. It seems like others have come to this conclusion as well.

Fuck! Yet another thread I’ll have to avoid.

Hey Heath

I got several pairs of scratched and/or slightly bent super-narrow road drops. Specialized, Hsing Lung, maybe one low-end Nitto.



I’m struggling valiantly against replacing my Haro Mary with a Salsa Fargo. WANT WANT WANT

^ that’s a no brainer. Do it.

So this is basically the new WTB thread right? Someone hook me up with a front mtb disc hub.

threw away a broken concor thats been hanging around for about 2 years

feels like this:

Nah, it was my hijack. Probably the wrong thing to say.

Hey AA club, I’m drinkin’ over here. WOO!

I have a 32h DT Swiss/Hugi 6 bolt in silver I’m probably never gonna build up.

Make me an offer.

Is that a thru axle one? If so I cannot use.

Nope. Standard QR. 100mm spacing.

hey hey hey

no war storyin’