Bike videos

vids of gettin sendy or sweet road rides or whatever.


Those were very entertaining, in completely different ways.

I thought this was going to be an epic slow-mo romantic suffering vid, but instead it was fucking hilarious! I wonder what the feature length will be like:

I will forever laugh my ass of to this EWS madness:

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Also this triptyk of vidyas are pretty much mandatory watching, for rowdiness general tomfoolery and all the loam in the world.
A slice of british pie:

A bigger slice of british pie:

The biggest slice of british pie:

I love all those British pie vids. 50:01 gets me hella worked up too.

Yeah, I’m a bit adversed against the whole “bro-thing/getting pissed with the mates” they got going on sometimes, but they sure know how to ride a bike!

Also it’s great seeing how they got some of the best women in the UK up in there!

I’m a big fan of unreal. Just chill dudes doing chill stuff. Promoting the outdoors as a means of escape. Although, it could stand some better writing. Can’t fault the riding though.

Stoked to see this program doing well, and some friends being the mentors.

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crossed paths with Little Bellas in my last two trips to Kingdom Trails; they have sooo much fun!

50/01 crew slaying Whistler like only they know how…


Saw this teased on insta. They spend less time on two wheels in that two minutes than I have jumped my entire life

Thanks for the edit Turp

Imgur is weird. You have to find the gifv link. Which is only easy on desktop and the app.

Look at the low slung wishbone stays on that bike. I wonder what it is.

Bmc probably has the most low wishbone models on the road, but a lot of aero-road bikes are doing it now, so that the seat tube and post can be wing shaped and make a smooth draft? I think?

I like the look, tbh.

Seattle LBS mechanic who works for a used bike shop has been uploading some entertaining explorations into the old crap they’ve got. Would recommend


That’s cool. He should fuck around on tarck.