Built Board Biking

As a long time windsurfer, traditionally I’ve had gear stashed shore side. However, due to the pandemic, everything has been inaccessible and now I’m trying to figure out how to bike my gear about.

Generally it seems like there are two primary types, side-carry and trailer. The commercial options (as is often the case) are too costly for me. Sooo, looking for advice!

I will be lugging a long (~12ft) board, split mast, boom, and sail.

DIY Links

Commercial Links

Finally, I do have a Burley Nomad and would be up for some amount of modding, but wouldn’t want to ruin the base…

One of those surfboard racks for the board and just lash the extra shit to it? Or this might work even better https://www.storeyourboard.com/sup-surfboard-bike-carrier-trailer/?gclid=CjwKCAjwi_b3BRAGEiwAemPNU2ZyegPJtEqHqbxbrXC1fZ6GdQAjrghjP1eMPj84SIUnise17beBgRoCrm0QAvD_BwE

Yeah, I figure that lashing it would be fine, though there are some neat designs I’ve seen of a bag hanging under the trailer arm.

That two wheel design seems so simple, why must they charge so much…

I posted my kayak/windsurf trailer thing in the canoe thread:


Using a cart allows you to support the load in the middle so there’s not much weight pulling the bike out of balance. If the cart is a box on wheels you can put wetsuit, fin, mast base, extension etc in there. Having a board bag with a sturdy handle at the tip makes attachment easier but something can be worked out if you don’t have one.
The wheels at one end, strap to the seat thing is more simple but I suspect it might not work that great with the added weight of the rig. Also it might be tricky to rig up so the nose doesn’t hit anything under braking/turning. In fact the board might hit the rear wheel if you are short and have a low seat. Then again it might be just great. The simplicity of the idea is neat. I wanted something that works for my kayaks as well so it does’t really suit my needs but it could work well for windsurf kit. DIYing it should be really easy, and materials cost will be under $30, so I would never pay $130+ for it. Home improvement stores should have cart wheels, axles and webbing straps. You might be able to rig it up just by tying knots in the webbing, but if you want it to look a little more elegant, I’m sure you know somebody with a sewing machine. Just make sure the stitching is bombproof. Bar tacks or at least zigzag.

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I think that I’m going to go with this style, mostly because it packs way down and can be stashed easier while on the water.

Was wondering whether there were opinions about the saddle attachment system? This seems to be a significant strain to be placing on the seat tube.

Also would love to hear any thoughts @JUGE_FREDD has about the feasibility of all of this on Seattle hills…

it’s a lot less strain than the rider’s weight

the tricky parts there are going to be making the upper harness/bra actually secure, and figuring out how to attach the boom/mast poles

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Thanks for taking a look.

I was thinking about a built in wide but flat bag that is sewn to the taut line and hangs underneath. Add two straps that wrap around to keep it in place so the daggerboard doesn’t fall through.

Anyhoo, will post pictures whenever this project floats to the top of the stack.