Burrito Supreme: The Ultimate MiniVelo

Inspired by the venerable Burro Bike, a new minivelo emerges. Burro leaned on the 20x3" trials tires available in the early 00’s, but nowadays kids fat bikes have brought 20x4" tires to the market, in slick and knobby forms. Based on these wheels, and some inspiration from the world of bmx, this new Burrito Supreme promises to be one of the least practical, most fun bikes ever.

I’ve proven that the burro can handle MTB trails, do some trials riding, and BMX riding in skateparks and dirt jumps. With bigger tires, the trail riding experience would be even better, and with BMX handlebars, the bike is much more universally sized.

Marino Bike can build these, and will need some measurements since he can’t get these wheels/tires easily in Peru. Once I’m able to get the relevant numbers, this can start to take shape.

So the outstanding questions are:

  • how tall of a headtube?
  • how tall of a seat tube?

These wheels are available off-the-shelf, but considering it’s 2021, does it make sense to use thru-axle hubs and do custom wheel builds?

Here is where I got a lot of the angle measurements for the bikeCAD, and then filled in the blanks by measuring my bike:

Here’s the spreadsheet I started: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1f-IaO0pYgidYtis7-SgC6ZCd04g3jCs0GEx93PPA57A/edit?usp=sharing

dq: 44mm or similar headtube to accept tapered forks? I guess suspension would wreck the bmx vibes, but the machete junit fork is kinda a neat option

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That is a good call. I’ve seen this fork on amazon - which are you referring to? https://www.amazon.com/RST-20inch-Beach-Spread-Suspension/dp/B08LRZWZZ1/ref=sr_1_2

I googled it - doesn’t seem like it fits a fat tire

Will this be available in Baja Blast Blue? Will it come with one of those flour tortilla printed blankets?


Does anyone else want this with a 1500W mid-drive coz e-wheelies?

ATMO taller head tube. I really like the way the burro and other minivelos look, can accept “normal” riser bars(or drops!) with normal (i.e. not 22.2 bmx) stems. Somehow using the short head tube and bmx bars seems too much like it’s a kids bike with a tall seatpost. Not the best argument but that is my strong opinion. (However I am unfortunately unlikely to be in a position to buy one of these.)

Have you looked at the mongoose or diamondback kid’s fatbikes? Might be a source of wheels to get initial measurements from, etc. https://www.diamondback.com/mountain-bikes/kids-bikes/eloso-nino20

Axle/hub standard definitely deserves more consideration, especially if this is a one-off vs. small batch.


the suggestions made in the other thread about having provision on the headtube or downtube for a removable platform are really sound, and to that end making the HT tall enough to accommodate an integrated rack or basket is a pretty good idea. I know that may represent a departure from your overgrown-BMX, flat TT aesthetic. having said that there is merit to both the BMX handlebar setup for reach adjustment as well as a more standard MTB style cockpit— the former works better if you plan to have multiple riders on the same bike, the latter is maybe more compatible with a broader range of poopbarning accessories

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I think the goldilocks solution would balance between

  1. a VO LD stem + headtube mounted rasket
  2. BMX bars + fork mounted rack

Just a straight head tube in a “normal” OD would work, then there are a bunch of tube clamp options for attaching a front platform. I bet a stock rack or basket from one of the e-bike or cargo bike brands could be adapted to fit.

I’m all about the tall head tube. More room for silly frame bags.

Also all about a front rack. This is going to turn into a Hunter isn’t it?

Regarding wheels, def thru axle front and rear. If it’s a problem to source these I’ll build em for whoever buys one of these monstrosities.


How many dollars will we need to squirrel away for one of these? I still miss my hooligan…


Definitely appreciate the perspective. I think in my quest to make a do-it-all bmx mtb thing, I lost sight of the fact that the burro’s SHAPE is what makes it so striking.

I think there is some way to strike a balance in the headtube height, like how the neutrino allows for bmx bars or just a big stack height. And that way the crazy parallelogram shape is preserved.

I’m pretty hellbent on full fat tires, and it seems like no one has objected to that, so that’s nice. I see it becoming an all-weather cargo/fun bike that can take many forms… Now to mock it up with a taller headtube and a shorter bar.

And yes @Face it should come with a tortilla tool roll at least


@schultzor Marino framesets are astoundingly cheap, the frame starts at 250 and the fork is 150, but with thruaxles it would probably be a bit more. Still, there wouldn’t be anything else super fancy aside from lots of zits all over it


I’d buy one on general principal, and could probably scare up at least a couple more non-tarckers in Seattle

could you draw the same frame for S/M/L/XL fits with different seatpost length and BMX bar height/roll setups?

I want continuous zits at water bottle spacing along most of the main triangle, and zero cable routing bosses other than one hose guide on the fork leg and an dropper hole in the bottom of the seat tube — to exclusively use these jawns https://www.paragonmachineworks.com/frame-building-parts/cable-stops-guides.html?alloy_general=324

fenders? https://coastcycles.com/buzzraw-classic-pro-fender-pair/ https://coastcycles.com/quinn-fenders/

31.6 or 34.9 seatpost?

hub spacing at 170 rear 135 front?

would you need fatbike cranks to clear 20x4"? how bad?


@JUGE_FREDD not sure what seatpost size is best - bigger is probably better for possible telescoping options.
Hub spacing 170/135 makes sense, but I’m not sure about BB widthbecause the chainstays are fairly long. Probably 100mm spacing to be safe

Woolf Tooth makes +4mm CAMO spiders to get 58mm chainline on a normal 73mm shell (6mm further out than Boost)

I think that would be perfectly safe with 83mm cranks?

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