Chris King ISO hub tool and other Harris dregs

It looks like I’ve got a complete, excellent-condition CK ISO hub tool. Retail is $188 for these. Say $120+shipping, but open to negotiation especially since I don’t know how this compares with shopbro pricing.


Next is a mystery facing tool. There’s no branding on the handle. 3 different cutter heads and then various bearing press rings. Includes the wood storage plate that some of the rings even fit in snugly. I think facing frames is probably something I don’t want to get into doing myself. If anyone has tips on the brand of the handle, let me know. It seems to be designed to be held in place by a separate threaded rod like from a bearing press kit. Make an offer!

If you need any of the following, let me know and we can work something out:

  • acid brushes
  • 4/5/6 mm housing ferrules
  • cable end caps
  • plastic end caps for Hollowtech II cranks
  • cable donuts
  • axle nuts
  • shifter shims (to bring STI levers closer to the bar)
  • Sturmey Archer bits and bobs
  • loose ball bearings (sizes TBD!)

I think I have supplies for several lifetimes.


That looks like a prototype Park crown race tool?

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I would love one of those plastic crank caps. Let me check the dimensions of the crank and get back to you (I think they’re different for 5-arm vs 4-arm)

Sale pending on the CK tool.

I like @Orc’s hypothesis. Crown race tool seems like a plausible explanation, given that most BB/HT facing tools are designed to cut both sides simultaneously (I’m guessing because it’s more likely to end up parallel that way). Google Image Search didn’t turn up anything looking exactly like this, but it is a similar design to the Park crown race tool.

Let me know what size crank cap you want. The ones I have are either 19.8 mm diameter at the threaded portion (which is approx 8 mm long) or 14.9 mm diameter, 7 mm deep.

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I’m semi interested… I have cyclus and campy crown race cutters already but they’re both 1” ISO only. If that will do 1 1/8” races I’d be into it.

The ID of the cutters measure 26.6, 30.2, and 33.1 mm. These values appear to be consistent with crown races for 1", 1.125", 1.25" steerers. The 30.2 has a brass insert with a lip you can see in the photos; the ID of the insert is 26.8 and the lip is 4 mm tall.

There are 3 corresponding rings the slip into the back of the orange handle with IDs of 25.6, 28.8, and 32.0, presumably to keep the tool aligned relative to the steerer tube.

Upon closer inspection, it looks like the other rings are for a bearing press and are unrelated to the facing tool. I’m inclined to hold on to them as I’m likely to actually use them.

If you’re interested, PM me with an offer and shipping info.

I’d be down for lightening your supply of acid brushes and 4/5mm ferrules if they’re not plastic.

I’d like to buy CK hub tool if its still available…


Pls email me at ahahac (at)





I bought it. I’ll sell it to you for 2x what I bought it for.

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Wasn’t 53x11alltheway or something like that a person on BF back in the day?

i’ll give you 3x.

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Three and a half!

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