Do you have a bike out here? Let’s ride!


But but but but camping and booze!!

doc, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be in for 2 days of cold toesthe fireball overnight.

Everyone else:

These guys are an awesome friendly bunch who like to have fun and nerd out on bikes, but they don’t take anything too seriously. I registered for the 200k. Should be relatively easy, with lookout mountain being the toughest part.


@oogz ill be in CA also. Gonna shred whatever isn’t all mud…


Bay area trails are pretty dry tight now but it’s supposed to rain all next week.


Perfect timing :colbert:


i’m there till tues, so hopefully at least i’ll get sat and sun without rain. i brought a rain jacket at least.


Roads should be ok by Friday by the looks of the forecast. Dirt might need till the next week.

If either of you are interested, I’m planning on riding from Walnut Creek to Oakland and back on Sunday. Probably all road but may mix in some dirt if it’s not all sloppy.


I’ll see, I know I left bikes there, i don’t know if they’re complete though


Just got back from Canon City. Oil well flats are awesome as usual, and the new South Canon trails are legit. Also rode the rim trail at Royal Gorge, holy fucking shit the views there are crazy.

Didn’t take pics, you’re just gonna have to come next time :slight_smile:


Winter Ralleye Finaleye: Prairie Fireball Overnighter is next weekend. It looks like winter conditions will return so the original plan of camping up by Red Feather Lakes will be relocated if Prairie Divide gets a bunch of snow the day the before. If it snows a lot up there then we’ll probably go to Pawnee Grasslands. If the snow doesn’t materialize but there’s a lot of rain and everything is muddy high and low, we’ll ride the (paved) road up to Red Feather and just camp at Bellair Lake campground.


Prairie Fireball Overnighter report

(I missed out due poor preparation)


Anybody live near Steamboat? Sup is moving near there (Clark) for the summer so I will be visiting. Tarckup?


I don’t think anyone on here is out that way. I’d like to check it out sometime, haven’t made it out there yet.


[quote=drwelby]Prairie Fireball Overnighter report

(I missed out due poor preparation)[/quote]

Super bummed that I missed all of these rides. I still haven’t even been to FtC yet.

Heading up to Pawnee for a weekend bike minitour again. Perhaps this time I actually get to have the ice cream.


Sup and I are camping Saturday night on the west end of the Pawnee, probably around 41 & 102.

I had to close my retail location when we got booted off the farm, but I have two stores scooping my ice cream right now: House of Windsor on 392 in Windsor and Farmers’ Pantry in Greeley at 16th St & 10th Ave.


Well if you see two people on loaded down bikes you’ll know who it is lol, and I’ll try to stop into the pantry. I will be in greeley Fri. and Mon.


I went for the first time last summer, and it was pretty great. The riding is awesome, and strawberry hot springs is great. I’d be down for a tackup, since a return trip was already in the plans.



Haven’t been to steamboat yet, but a couple of my friends won’t shut the hell up about it. Def. want to go. I hear strawberry is a coed yolofest after dark too, so that might be cool.


My area is pretty blown out for camping, we were thinking about bikepacking up on Poudre Canyon. Once you leave FoCo does anyone have any recommendations on gravel road camping?

Need to get out of my bubble.


On the south side of the canyon going over Buckhorn to Pingree Park is a classic FoCo dirt road ride, and then you can cross over to the north side on Manhattan Road to get to the Red Feather Lakes area. There’s a store in Rustic for snacks on the way. In that area is also Old Flowers Road but it got hammered by the big fire a few years ago. In the other direction you can take Crown Point Road and drop down the Dadd Gulch trail to the canyon.

On the Red Feather side there’s tons of roads and places to camp. You basically have Deadman’s Road running east-west on the south end, and Cherokee Park on the north end, and you can connect them at a couple of different places. Once you’re at the Laramie River valley you can keep going west towards Walden and Steamboat Springs or north towards the Wind Rivers if you want to cover some ground. There’s also good camping there at the base of the Rawahs. But there’s plenty to explore just in the Red Feather area. You can eat at the Pot Belly, ride up to the fire lookout, or go out to the Mt. Margaret overlook. Down closer to town I know people also camp in the Cherokee SWA, and there’s food at The Forks in Livermore. If you can time it for the aspens turning, bombing down Sand Creek Pass Road is an incredible experience.

The relevant routes on are: NoCo Gravelo, Manhattan Express Permanent, Red Dirt Randonee, and the Cinnamon Roller.