Perfect, thanks!

Also, did you know that strava heatmap is broken on that site?


It’s happening again this year, but instead of Buff Creek (which is blown the fuck out ever since they built lil’ scraggy), we’re going to Salida.


2017 Winter Ralleye

This Seasons dates are as follows:

Wycolo Border Patrol Saturday November 11th 2017 at 7:30 am at the Poudre Trail and Taft Hill Road trailhead parking lot. Rolling at 8:00 AM. Meet up after the ride at Wolverine Farm Letterpress and Publik House. Take gravel roads north and loop through Red Mountain and Soapstone Prairie open spaces. Some singletrack and sand washes. Optionally ride more singletrack and cross into Wyoming. “It’s hella scenic!

Pennock Pedaling Pow-wow Sunday December 10th 2017 at Bean Cycle at 6:30 AM at The Bean Cycle ~ 95 miles through Buckhorn and Poudre Canyons, traversing over Pennock Pass. 50/50 dirt roads and pavement, extended postholing possible depending on snow level.

Two Days of Cold Toes Saturday January 13th and Sunday January 14th 2018 meeting at Swing Station at Noon and roll at at 1:00pm to camp at Ansel Watrous campground up the Poudre Canyon. All pavement.

The Cinnamon Roller Sunday February 18th 2018 meeting at Bean Cycle at 7:30 and rolling at 8:00am. Gravel roads with a cinnamon roll stop at The Forks in Livermore with after ride meet up at Road 34. 75% dirt roads.

Weld County Waltz Saturday March 24th 2018 meeting at Bean Cycle at 7:30 and rolling at 8:00am Heading out east on gravel roads between 50 and 95 miles, weather dependent. Meet up after the ride at Brave New Wheel. Mostly dirt roads depending on route. This is goathead territory, bring your sealant!

Prairie Fireball Overnight Saturday April 21st and Sunday April 22nd 2018 Appoximatly 50 to 150 miles either east to the prairie or west to Prairie Divide depending on weather. The Lyrid Meteor Showers are supposed to be near their peak. Route TBD.


I am going to make a more concerted effort to make at least some of these this year, and with LB now having a krampus, I’m sure she’ll be into it as well (unless 42mm tires are acceptable)


42s will work on all the rides. The WyColo might present some hike-a-bike here and there but the majority of the route just on dirt roads.


heck yes. Maybe I’ll put some byways on ladybiek’s biek.

All the dates have been added to our shared calendar. Some of them we might need to camp/airBnB the night before to avoid leaving Denver at 5am


You could probably crash at my place.


NoCo Gravelo

October 7-8

Red Feather Lakes area, 50 and 70 miles loops of dirt and 4wd roads, possibly a shorter 'sup ride. Ride the 7th, start and end at base camp, then enjoy the #campvibes.

PM me for more info.


Probably staying in town that weekend, it’s in between two huge trips I’m planning


I just realized I’m out of town that weekend anyway.


Does anyone who reads this thread have contacts at Niner? I just put in an application to work for them in engineering. I’d really like this job, but I know these applications often go unseen unless someone tells them to take a look. I think I’ve seen some photos from some of the Colorado tarckers of poopbarning rides with people from Niner.


Ha, I applied for that too. My main Niner contact left last year unfortunately. I’ve ridden with some guys from there but don’t know them too well.

I haven’t heard anything either, and didn’t set up anything to track if they’re looking.


Oh, lol. When did you apply?


Like a week ago.


I guess we’ll see what happens lol. Good luck


Who has been to Granby in the winter? Sup is thinking about getting a job there, I would live in Denver or something and hopefully visit often. How accessible/inaccessible would it be with snow? Looks like it’s in the middle of nowhere


I haven’t been to Granby specifically in the winter, but I’ve been to Winter Park many times. There are a couple big ski resorts there so they make a point to keep that road plowed. You’d be going over Berthoud Pass, which does get closed from time to time in the winter for avalanche blasting, but generally speaking they plow the everloving shit out of that road to keep ski traffic going.

Get some blizzaks and you’ll be golden, but also keep food, water, and a blanket in your car AT ALL TIMES in the mountains, because it can get fucked up real quick.


Re: winter ralleye

I met a guy yesterday at the cutty bandit cyclocross race in Denver who said he’s been going to these for a few years now. I didn’t catch his name.

I actually should have the gunther/ditherer built up by the time the series starts, and yesterday I verified that if we de-fender ladybiek’s buena vista, we can in fact put byways on it. So we should be good to go.


i wouldn’t call granby in the middle of nowhere. it’s on a major highway (40) and has a ski resort. it’s only a few miles down the road from a major resort in winter park. should be easily accessible in winter. the traffic will be hell in winter due to people going to ski at winter park in particular, but it’s not as bad as other spots. you won’t have to go over loveland or vail pass to get there, which is a plus as both of those passes get pretty nasty during storms. granby also has easy access to the other side of rocky mtn nat’l park for winter adventures also.


Cool, there was some uncertainty about the first ralleye but I think that was more about the route. I guess Fort Collins Open Space wasn’t thrilled with a large group of riders on their trails without an event permit. There’s an alternate route that’s been used in the past that goes into Wyoming that it might fall back to. It’s an out and back on dirt roads, no singletrack.