Craigslist/ebay/etc finds


Or an ok price depending on how “stuck” the seatpost is.


Only once in my life did I ever have a seatpost that I couldn’t remove. Recently I used a pallet jack and that worked beautifully.


Tc I kind of want but don’t need another steel bike


8sp alfine whee for $130


After I spent a month working on a fucking god damn quill stem I’ll be damned if I ever consider a stuck seatpost again. To me a seized seatpost is a totaled bike with a possible bonus bar bike attached. And that’s giving it the benefit of the doubt. Would you buy car where in the ad it said “things are pretty seized but if they weren’t it would be an awesome car!”


Steel frame, aluminium stuck things, draino (sodium hydroxide) = unstuck (and often partially dissolved) stuck things.

Caveat: can be hard to contain the draino, however with chair pole, just invert frame and pour into seat tube via BB shell (and block any holes in chair pole as required)


Drano dissolves aluminum but not steel?


Welcome to the last 15 years of my life.


yeah that was my plan but it was a quill stem in a headtube. I think the issue ended up being it wasn’t the stem itself but the wedge piece.


Do you really not know that cars are sold this way all the time?


I too have car shopped on craiglist


I’ve never met a stuck metal item that this can’t take care of.


I definitely have

(And tbf it’s still not on the road lol)


I did — and then I used kroil on it and now that’s my go to for getting stuck stuff unstuckt


Does Dr Bronners make that?


Kroil is the truth. In a pinch you can mix acetone and red ATF 1:1.


Yes. Sodium hydroxide = caustic = no general corrosion of carbon steel (it can cause SCC, stress corrosion cracking, but that requires specific circumstances that, hopefully, won’t occur in a bike.)

This was the situation I’ve used it in. Practically disappeared the stem. Cut the stem to remove fork and applied draino. Took quite a while but got there in the end, rode the salvaged fork for a few years, didn’t die


I’d fuck with that seatpost for $300.


Hmm I really don’t need another road frame, let alone one with no eyelets and MAXIMUMPATINA which requires clamp-on cable guides.

But still…

I emailed the guy, by his meausure it’s a 57ST and 56 TT. He also sent a pic of the dent and though he doesn’t know it, it’s merely a large-chainring clearance dent, put there by the effbuilder from new.

Those lugs look really nicely thinned and the whole thing seems well built, assuming the claims of “no structural rust” are true.


Kind of want